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Iliotibial band syndrome is a chronic pain that occurs just above the knee. This pain occurs due to friction on the ITB, which is a band of fibrous tissue that runs down the upper part of the leg. During periods of work (running, jumping, biking, etc) the iliotibial band begins to rub over the lateral epicondyle (a bump on the outside of the knee). Along with this rubbing comes friction, which causes irritation, swelling, and pain.

Many athletes suffer from ITBS due to the constant rubbing and friction that the ITB experiences during heavy training, running, and other sports activities. Often times this pain and inflammation is treated with the RICE method - rest, ice, compression, and elevation. Shop-Orthopedics has many different options to help compress and also heat or cool the tendon so you can find relief fast.
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Hely Weber Basic Knee Sleeve
Hely Weber Basic Knee Sleeve
OUR PRICE: $18.91

The Basic Knee Sleeve from Hely and Weber provides support and compression for one of the most complicated joints in the human body.  Provides compression, warmth and padding.
Ossur Form Fit Neoprene Knee Sleeve
Ossur Form Fit Neoprene Knee Sleeve
OUR PRICE: $31.99

Ossur Neoprene Knee sleeve for Tendinitis, Bursitis, Arthritis, minor sprains and non-specific knee pain
Neoprene Hinged Knee Support
Ossur Neoprene Hinged Knee Support
OUR PRICE: $33.59

This is a cost effective alternative to the off-the-shelf functional knee bracing. One of the outstanding features of Ossur Neomax Premium Knee Products is their patented Three-Dimensional Molding Technology.
Wraparound Hinged Knee Support
Ossur Wraparound Hinged Knee Support
OUR PRICE: $39.99

The Ossur Wrap Around Hinged Knee Brace for the ultimate in support and comfort. This wrap around brace features removable metal hinges and hook and loop closures for a custom fit. Dual Action hinges move freely as you walk. Open back prevents bunching and irritation. Wrap around design for a Hassle-Free application.
DonJoy Deluxe Elastic Knee Brace - Beige
DonJoy Deluxe Elastic Knee Brace - Beige
OUR PRICE: $49.95

The DonJoy Deluxe Elastic Knee Support is just right for warm weather climates and it can bring welcome relief to neoprene allergic patients. The Deluxe Elastic Knee Brace by DonJoy is a high quality elastic knit knee brace with a silicone donut for patella control.

It is very lightweight and breathable compared to neoprene which can retain heat and perspiration. Medial and lateral stays provide additional support to this popular brace.
Ossur Form Fit Knee Brace
Ossur Form Fit Knee Brace
OUR PRICE: $49.99

The Form Fit Knee Brace family from Ossur is designed to provide superb stabilization of the knee joint. These braces are suitable for most common ligament instabilities and all activity levels.
DonJoy Adjustable Patella Donut
DonJoy Adjustable Patella Donut
OUR PRICE: $54.95

The DonJoy Neoprene Adjustable Patella Donut Knee Brace is a very popular patella femoral knee brace.  Basic but effective, the Neoprene Adjustable Patella Donut provides warmth and compression.

A trimmable full-circumference donut provides for patellar control.
Breg High Performance latex free knit knee support
Breg Hi-Performance Knit Knee Support
OUR PRICE: $64.99

This high performance knit knee support is an excellent latex-free
support option for people with knee pain that are trying to stay active.
The support will compress and support the knee joint to help keep pain
and swelling to a minimum so that you can continue running, walking, and
staying in motion
DonJoy DuraKold Knee Wrap
DonJoy DuraKold Knee Wrap
OUR PRICE: $69.99

The DuraKold products can effectively penetrate surgical dressings to decrease pain, edema and secondary hypoxic tissue injury.
FX Patella Stabilizer
Ossur FX Patella Stabilizer
OUR PRICE: $74.79

The Ossur Form fit hinged knee support incorporates the Power of Popliteal Scoring. Formfit.

The FX Patella Stabilizer keeps the patella tracking properly through full knee flexion and extension. The breathable coolflex sleeve minimizes heat and perspiration while anchoring the brace firmly to the leg.

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