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  BioTENS 2 - Electrodes Replacements (4)
BioTENS 2 - Electrodes Replacements (4)
BioTENS 2 - Electrodes Replacements (4)
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BioTENS 2 – Replacement Pads for TENS Unit

TENS pads replacement for the BioTENS 2 unit can be found here at a wholesale discounted price. These particular TENS electrodes are suitable for use on the BioTENS unit only, and should not be installed with any other machine.

These BioTENS unit and TENS unit electrodes are manufactured by AMERICAN IMEX, an internationally known provider of top-quality electro-medical devices designed to reduce pain and facilitate speedy rehabilitation in patients. These square, reusable electrodes come in packages of four and include four new electrodes and four new lead wires. These are top-quality electrode replacements at the most competitive cost.

On March 21st, 2014 this was our daily deal! Here's what we had to say about it:

"Brace Yourself! A new product is inbound. Today: Four (4) new electrodes for your TENS unit, from American Imex. Check out the review

If you own any kind of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) unit, then you know that after a while the electrodes lose their stickiness. You could try taping them on to places that hurt, but wouldn't it be easier to just get new ones? Well, today is a great day to get some replacements! For just $18.98, you can get four (4) new electrodes for your TENS unit. That breaks down to a low price of just $4.75 per electrode!

Each electrode is manufactured by American Imex - one of the leaders in TENS therapy. Since 1984, they have been manufacturing many high quality products in the TENS industry, including these fine electrodes. With their patented stick technology, the adhesive gel will remain sticky for a long time. With gentle care and usage, you may not have to buy new electrodes for many months! Each piece comes equipped with an attachment that allows the leads from your TENS device to plug in and deliver therapeutic nerve-stimulating technology. Ultimately these electrodes will help melt away any pain or joint discomfort you might have, without the use of pharmaceuticals.

Order now, this quantity will be limited. Don't forget to check out our review of the BioTENS 2 unit. We promise you won't be disappointed in these electrodes (see how you're protected with our service guarantee)"

Unfortunately, the deal is now over. Check our current daily deal
  • 4 New Lead Wires and Electrodes.

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