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Insurance Coverage Form

Did you know that many products like custom knee braces are covered by insurance?

Many of the braces and other products we offer can often times be billed to your insurance company with proper documentation from your doctor. Often times insurance providers will cover knee braces, both custom and off the shelf, to help protect a knee. You may need a prescription from a doctor before having your product covered by insurance, but often times this is easy to get if you have been treated by your doctor in the past. If you have been turned off by how expensive a knee brace can be, it may be worth filling out this form. Many people can get a professional medical product for the price of a low deductible, sometimes even free! Keep in mind that insurance typically covers all kinds of orthopedic equipment - you may be able to have your insurance cover an ankle brace, neck brace, tens units, or more.

If you are eligible to receive products under your insurance, an authorizer will contact you within 3 business days to help you get your order covered. All information you submit is confidential and will only be used to verify insurance benefits.

Please fax any documentation you have regarding this inquiry such as medical notes or a prescription to 949-242-2725 or email weborders@shop-orthopedics.com.

Thank you for your interest in our product selection at Shop Ortho.


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