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AlignMed S3 Posture Shirt

AlignMed S3 Spinal Q Brace
AlignMed S3 Posture Shirt
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Rounded shoulders.
Scapular dyskinesia.
Use as a training tool for overhead throwing sports.
Torn Rotator Cuff.
Slap Tear.
Labrum Tear.
Poor Posture, Posture Problems.
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.
Thorasic Outlet Syndrome.
Impingement Syndrome.
Shoulder Instability & Glenohumeral instability.
Shoulder Replacements.
Neck Pain Injury.
Cervical Injury.
Thoracic Injury.
Lumbar Injury.
Spine Scoliosis.
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The AlignMed S3 Posture Brace is designed to provide scapular retraction to improve postural alignment, enhance scapular function, and to relieve pain. IThe scapula brace is designed to improve posture, reduce pain and expedite recovery.

The patented design signals the brain to correct improper posture, by re-educating and re-engineering the muscles surrounding the shoulder and spine. The S3 spine and scapular system has three sets of straps that can be used in three separate configurations (pictured below) to optimize the desired postural correction. By adjusting the tension on the elastic straps the scapular stabilizing effect can be modified as needed.

The zippered front of the scapula brace allows for easy removal. The S3 brace is ideal for athletes, older individuals with a rounded mid back, or anyone with rounded shoulders.

  • AlignMed S3 retrains postural alignment.
  • Adjustable straps promote scapula retraining and positioning.
  • Comfortable to wear underneath clothing.
  • S3 posture brace is recommended by physicians, and physical therapists.

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