Torn Meniscus: How to proceed?

Before diving into the injury itself, its important to go over what the meniscus is. The medial and lateral menisci are two large cartilages that are located at the top of the tibia in the knee. The knee joint is protected by cartilage which greatly reduces stress from running and just about every other activity involving your legs. To make a comparison, the cartilage is like the lubricant in the engine of your car, which would lock up and break down due to friction and overheating without it. So to say the least, the cartilage in your knee is akin to air to your lungs.

A tear in the meniscus occurs because of blunt force trauma, or forceful twisting. Hyper-flexing of the knee joint can also cause damage to the cartilage.

The treatment course for a torn or damaged meniscus usually includes physical therapy to strengthen the muscle and stabilize the knee joint. When more drastic measures are required, surgery to repair the damage may be necessary.

Always make sure to consult your doctor to best gauge the course that is best for your individual needs.

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