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FLA Universal Limb Holder FLA Universal Limb Holder

Limb Holder, Made of soft foam for patient comfort. Ties are strong 1" wide webbing with locking double D-rings.

OUR PRICE: $22.99
Bringing Simplicity Back To Life.
These products will make life easier. Say, for example, you are cooking a meal. You need the salt, but it's pretty high up in a cabinet. You have a few options - grab a chair and try to get a little closer to the salt, to see if you can reach it. You could try and climb on the countertop, or ask a friend to come over and help. Or, you can buy a reacher from Shop-Orthopedics and not have to worry about struggling to reach things that are high up! This same concept applies for things on the floor. A reacher can change your life for the better.

This category is all about assisting you with daily tasks. We have lifted toilet seats to make it easier to get up and down and shower chairs that allow you to sit while showering (this way you don't lose your footing and slip by accident). We even have commodes, which can help provide stability and security for when you need to go.