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Bledsoe Universal Arm Sling Bledsoe Universal Arm Sling

The Bledsoe Universal Arm Sling folds simply to proper length to accommodate most sized patients - no trimming necessary!  Features a large envelope to accommodate dressings and casts

OUR PRICE: $18.99
Universal Thumb Splint Support Bledsoe Trigger and Keeper Thumb Support

Comfortable Thumb Spica immobilizes the thumb joint and provides wrist support. Fits right or left thumb.

OUR PRICE: $23.99
Bledsoe Hinged Elbow Brace Bledsoe Hinged Elbow Brace

The Bledsoe Hinged Elbow is the next generation of hyperextension elbow braces.  Featuring dual upright hinges and cross straps to prevent hyperextension of the elbow.  When returning to play/activities the Hinged Elbow controls range of motion and protects athletes/patients.

OUR PRICE: $148.99
Bledsoe Tendon Knee/Elbow Strap Bledsoe Tendon Knee/Elbow Strap

The Bledsoe Tendon Strap eases tension of chronic inflammation of the patellar tendon.  Can also be used on the arm to alleviate pain caused by "tennis elbow"

OUR PRICE: $17.99
Bledsoe Sling and Swathe Immobilizer Bledsoe Sling and Swathe Immobilizer

The Bledsoe Sling and Swathe is an arm immobilizer that is lightweight, soft foam support, and adjustable slide buckle straps.  Universal fit.  Features an easy-touch closure and is latex free.

OUR PRICE: $23.99
Bledsoe Patella Guard Kit Bledsoe Patella Guard Kit

Patella Guard Kit to protect your kneecap from injury

OUR PRICE: $64.99
Bledsoe Jet Pediatric Knee Brace Bledsoe Jet Pediatric Knee Brace

The Bledsoe Jet Pediatric Ligament Knee Brace is designed with children in mind. The shorter frame fits proportionally to a child’s leg length and the hinge has been reduced to match the anatomy of the smaller knee. The aircraft aluminum frame provides support, strength and durability, while still remaining lightweight. By contouring and capturing the medial condyle as well as using supracondylar suspension, brace migration is reduced.

OUR PRICE: $299.99
A reputable name in the orthopedic industry for 30 years, Bledsoe Brace Systems continues to provide innovative, quality products and exceptional service to its customers and its patients. Bledsoe products are used by orthopedic specialists, spine surgeons, primary care physicians, pain management specialists, physical therapists, podiatrists, chiropractors, athletic trainers and other healthcare professionals to treat patients with musculoskeletal conditions resulting from degenerative diseases, deformities, traumatic events and sports-related injuries.