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Breg Universal Foam Cervical Collar Breg Universal Foam Cervical Collar

This foam cervical collar from Breg is universal for any neck size. 23" total length by 4" wide - this is the perfect cervical collar for persons suffering from minor neck strains, pains, and injuries. Will help stabilize the neck while the body recovers.

OUR PRICE: $19.99
Breg serpentine foam cervical collar Breg Foam Cervical Collar - Serpentine

This foam cervical collar is S shaped so that it fits properly around the neck. Provides excellent padded, comfortable support for minor neck sprains, strains, and pains.

OUR PRICE: $21.99
jobri cervical foam collar Milliken Medical Jobri Foam Cervical Collar

Jobris foam cervical collar was made to be comfortable so you can wear it as long as necessary. A soft nylon covering paired with medium density foam that has been contoured to the shape of the neck makes this cervical collar perfect for minor strains and sprains, or for people who just need a bit of extra support. Plus, it comes in a range of sizes so you can get a perfect fit.

OUR PRICE: $26.99
ProCare Universal Clinic Collar DonJoy ProCare Universal Clinic Collar

The ProCare Universal Clinic Collar provides consistent fit and support.  Fits a variety of neck sizes.  Additional stockinette cover provided for hygiene purposes.  Latex Free.

OUR PRICE: $26.99
Thermoskin Neck Short - Neck Support Thermoskin Neck Short - Neck Support

This thermoskin neck support provides therapeutic compression and heat to a sore or stiff neck. Designed to relieve pain.

OUR PRICE: $29.99
Ossur Philadelphia Adjustable Ossur Philadelphia Adjustable

The Philadelphia Tracheotomy Collar has been an industry standard for decades. Now, Ossur, the manufacturers of the Miami J and Miami J Advanced, is proud to unveil Philadelphia Adjustable. Constructed from the same high-quality materials as the original, Philly Adjustable combines convenient size adjustability with immobilization and comfort.

OUR PRICE: $33.99
DonJoy DuraKold Neck Wrap DonJoy DuraKold Neck Wrap

DonJoy DuraKold Neck Wrap

OUR PRICE: $59.95
Ossur Miami JTO Extension Ossur Miami JTO Extension

Provides more control than a collar alone can provide. Innovative device designed to treat cervical and high thoracic injuries.

OUR PRICE: $199.99
Help Treat Burners and Stingers With These Neck Braces
Nerve injuries in the neck are commonly referred to as 'burners' or 'stingers' as this is how the pain associated with them is often described. These sorts of nerve injuries are frequently seen in athletes who play contact sports - especially football. When the nerves in the neck are damaged, a strong burning or stinging sensation is typically felt down either the left or right arm/hand. Usually this subsides fairly quickly, but in more severe cases it may persist for a couple of weeks.

These braces were selected based on their ability to stabilize and support the neck, which helps the nerves running from the spinal column to heal. If you frequently suffer from burners and stingers, it's important to go get checked out by a doctor, as that could be a sign of more serious spinal issues.