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Breg Aluminum Push Button Crutches Breg Aluminum Push Button Crutches

The Breg Push Button Aluminum Crutches consist of a lightweight aluminum with comfortable underarm pads and foam handgrips to aid in ambulation for lower extremity injuries or rehab. These crutches come in 3 sizes: youth, adult, and tall.

OUR PRICE: $38.50
Breg Push Button Aluminum Cane - Individual Breg Push Button Aluminum Cane

The Breg Push Button Aluminum Cane consists of lightweight aluminum with a ultra-comfortable vinyl hand grip, providing balance assistance. The handle allows users to hook the cane over their arm while performing daily tasts and activities

OUR PRICE: $27.00

Aluminum Walking Canes, Crutches & Walking Staffs

After an injury or surgical procedure, your independence and recovery depend on high quality walking canes and crutches. At, we are proud to offer the best medical devices in the business at prices that someone on a limited income or without insurance can afford. With free shipping, we have the top brands that you are familiar with, like DonJoy and Mobilegs, but without the outrageous retail prices. This gives you a chance to heal from your injuries or walk around town in ergonomic style.

For example, our adjustable aluminum canes and crutches have all the features you are looking for with contoured handles with foam grips. Despite balance issues, it stays in place with a comfortable secure grip complete with a wrist strap. Whether you are short or tall, the handle height easily adjusts from 29 to 38 inches. Height versatility is also found in items such as the pair of push-button aluminum crutches that have a weight capacity of 250 lbs.

Of all the products we offer in this category, the most fascinating is the Mobilegs Ultra single crutch. This highly-engineered single crutch is complete with energy saving springs that pushed the user forward while absorbing impact. This means that you will be zooming around with a more fluid motion that is less stressful on your body all while providing the extra comfort you need to stay in tune with your day. If the Mobilegs products sound extraordinary, imagine what our other walking staffs and crutches can do for you.