Rebound Foot-Up is a lightweight ankle/foot orthosis (AFO) that offers dynamic support for drop-foot or related disorders that require dorsiflexion support. The Rebound Foot-Up supports the ankle dorsiflexion during swing phase. Dynamic support is provided by an elastic strap connected to the shoe by either a transparent plastic inlay placed between shoelaces, or by a nut and bolt fastened through the eyelets. The positioning of the fastening allows for individualizing the support by providing the option of positioning the dorsiflexion support on the medial or lateral side. When using the plastic inlay, the dorsiflexion support becomes neutral.



All Breg Polar, Intelli-Flo and WrapOn Pads are in stock.


AlignMed Posture Shirt 2.0 For Men AlignMed Posture Shirt 2.0 For Men

The AlignMed Posture Shirt will help you stand up straight - alleviating pain in the upper neck and back muscles and joints. Better posture is simple with this posture shirt.

OUR PRICE: $95.00

Ossur Formfit Back Support Air Ossur Formfit Back Support Air

Ossur's Form Fit Back Support Air provides custom fit and compression in the lumbar area. It also features mesh panels, ventilation holes, and gripper strips which prevent migration of the band. Double pull strap design provides more support for the abdominal and lumbar area than classic back braces. It is great for lower back pain, degenerative spinal diseases, intervertebral disc weakness, and minor postural disorders.

OUR PRICE: $44.00

CTi OTS Knee Brace Ossur CTi OTS Knee Brace

The CTi ligament knee brace is designed to offer the ultimate combination of stabilization and protection for the knee joint. Suitable for most common ligament instabilities and all activity levels.

OUR PRICE: $399.99

Breg PFS Plantar Fasciitis Strap Breg PFS Plantar Fasciitis Strap

The Breg PFS provides constant elastic tension and pressure which alleviates pain due to inflammation from plantar fasciitis. The PFS reduces pain, which allows the muscles to strengthen in the foot, arch, and lower leg.

OUR PRICE: $50.00
Bauerfeind MalleoTrain S Foot/Ankle Orthopedic Bauerfeind MalleoTrain S Foot/Ankle Orthopedic

This ankle brace is an effective alternative to taping. It stabilizes the ankle and reduces strain to maximize performance during sports and everyday activities. The stretchy knit material is breathable and moisture-wicking which provides effective compression and comfort.

OUR PRICE: $92.95

Ossur Foot-Up Drop Foot Brace Ossur Foot Up Drop Foot Brace

Ossur introduces Foot-up, a lightweight ankle-foot orthosis engineered to provide dynamic support for drop foot or similar complaints for which support of dorsiflexion is desirable.

OUR PRICE: $34.99



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