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DonJoy DuraKold Back Wrap

DonJoy DuraKold Back Wrap
DonJoy DuraKold Back Wrap
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Description Goals
Great Support With Cold Relief
This DonJoy durakold back brace provides support and soothing cold relief to help alleviate all kinds of back pain. This unique design allows for cold therapy to be used as long as necessary - the user of the back wrap can replace the re-freezable ice packs as often as warranted to help keep that soothing coldness coming in to fight pain. Cold wraps and packs are great for people with herniated discs, back soreness, and general lower back pain. This particular cold pack was designed to even be cold enough to penetrate surgical bandages, which helps decrease inflammation and pain after a surgery without the use of drugs.

Cost Effective When Compared to Cold Therapy Machines
A great alternative to cold therapy machines, this durakold back wrap is cost effective and works very well. Whether you have a sprain, strain, chronic injury, or are planning to recover from (or are already recovering from) a surgery, this is the perfect back brace. DonJoy makes is easy to cool off, just place the ice packs in the refrigerator or freezer until they reach the desired temperature, slide them into the back brace, and you're squared away to start relieving pain.

The Dura*Kold products can effectively penetrate surgical dressings to decrease pain, edema and secondary hypoxic tissue injury. Dura*Kold products are ideally suited for postoperative treatment of open and arthroscopic orthopedic surgeries as well as rehabilitation from sprains and strains. these products effectively penetrate surgical dressings decreasing pain, edema, and secondary hypoxic tissue injury. They provide effective cold application for up to two hours. Dura*Kold reusable Ice Wraps feature ice mats (pillows of purified water with food-grade freezing agents), sewn into an anti-microbial fabric controlling bacterial growth.
  • Long term cold therapy with DuraKolds ice mat of purified water.
  • Even, adjustable compression with contact closures.
  • The Dura*Kold® wraps are reusable to use extensively during rehab and future general use.
  • The ice mat is sewn into the wraps, keeping the water pillows in place for easy application.
  • Even, adjustable compression with contact closures.
  • 2 hours of cold therapy.
  • Keeps patients comfortable and dry while allowing mobility.
  • Size: Back Wrap (20" x 45" waist).

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