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Release Tense Muscles and Save Your Fingers From Stress
Humans create tools to make their jobs easier. These massage tools were created to help you give a great massage, without overworking your fingers and joints. The electric massagers in this category push, vibrate, knead, and more. This makes giving a relaxing massage easier than ever. The tools in this category can be used on yourself or a friend, and even make a great gift!

Portable and Compact. Multiple Uses.
Most of these massage tools are fairly portable and can be taken with you to many places. This means you can relieve pain and tension on the go. Some plug into the wall, others require batteries or need to be charged, but they are all, for the most part, very portable. Many of these electric massagers come with different attachments that allow you to provide different types of therapy depending on your mood or needs. Some attachments vibrate, others knead the muscles or pulsate - similar to popular massage techniques like a deep tissue massage or a percussion massage.