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J-STIM Arthritis Stimulation Therapy System
J-STIM Arthritis Stimulation Therapy System
J-STIM 1000 Arthritis Stimulation Therapy System

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Product Details Goals
The JStim 1000 Arthritis Therapy System is a joint stimulator designed to be safe and effective for treatment of arthritis pain.

The JStim Arthritis Therapy System (to see what is included in the knee and hand package, scroll down) is a proprietary combinational electrotherapy device that works in tandem with soft, multi-layer conductive fabric and safe infrared heat to deliver effective and efficient therapy to the afflicted joint. These combined therapies are compressed against the treatment site using compression wraps, allowing the silver garment electrodes and infrared heat band to emit therapy directly into the target joint.

It is safe, effective, and convenient to use your JStim at night while sleeping. The JStim is a cumulative therapy, and should be part of a therapy regimen for 6-12 months for optimal results.  The total treatment time is assessed at 1500-2000 hours.

The JStim works by sending tiny proprietary electrical signals to the joint, while combining infrared heat and compression. Working in tandem with electrotherapy, the infrared heat therapy provides deep tissue treatment.  This may help the user with increased blood circulation and reduced pain, and may potentially provide therapeutic results for the treatment of osteoarthritis and/or rheumatoid arthritis.

How does the JStim work?

It cycles for seven hours per treatment with heat being used for the first half hour before automatically shutting off.  The heat makes the site better suited for the electrotherapy.  The JStim uses a high volt stimulation with a digital monophasic waveform and a current average of 0.2 milliamps at the skin's surface.  The frequency is in the 75Hz-85Hz therapeutic range.

The heat used in the JStim device is more therapeutic than other heating types, with no "hot spots" and deeper penetration.  Light compression is provided by the wrap, and a compression strap is included to either increase compression or to hold the heat controller and device in place.

Models Available

Knee Package includes:
Electrotherapy unit
Knee Wrap
Far Infrared Heat Unit (includes heat band and charger)
Two 3x5 electrodes
Lead Wires

Hand Package includes:
Electrotherapy unit
Conductive glove
Compression glove
Arm band
Far Infrared Heat Unit (includes heat band and charger)
Two 3x5 electrodes
Lead wires
  • Power: 9 volt battery
  • Output: Single Channel
  • Output Voltage: 0-240V Max. (Single Channel, Load 500 Ohm) 0-350V Max. (Open Circuit)
  • Pulse Rate: 2-100 Hz
  • Waveform: Positive or negative wave form.
  • Output Mode: Synchronous or Alternation. Alteration mode-LED alternates between green and red color.
  • Power: Green color LED-power on. Red color LED-low battery.
  • Pulse Duration: 5s.
  • Tolerance: + or 20%

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