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New tech for a New age. Simple, professional and affordable medical bracing and DVT prevention.
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ManaMed Shoulder Immobilizer with Pillow ManaMed Kahuna Shoulder Brace
OUR PRICE: $69.99
OUR PRICE: $249.99
ManaMed Shoulder Immobilizer with Pillow ManaMed Kahuna Shoulder Brace
Comfortable shoulder immobilizer with pillow by ManaMed.  Intended uses are rotator cuff repairs, anterior repairs, capsular shifts and global shoulder instabilities.  Universal sizing. The Kahuna Brace provides support for shoulder surgeries, in a universal, multiple configuration brace.  Suitable for all shoulder
surgeries as well as conservative care of shoulder injuries.  The Kahuna Brace is your new go to shoulder brace for all your clinical needs.
ManaMed PlasmaFlow DVT Unit
OUR PRICE: $699.99
ManaMed PlasmaFlow DVT Unit
The purpose of the PlasmaFlow™ is to aid in the prevention of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) by helping to stimulate blood flow in the legs. This is accomplished by an electronically controlled pump delivering a set amount of air to the leg cuffs that, in turn, compress the calf or calves to aid blood flow out of the lower extremities. The pump will inflate each leg cuff to a preset pressure of 55mmHg and deflate once the pressure is reached.

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