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Relieve Tension Like a Pro.
If you're looking to give a traditional massage, like the ones with the masseuses and the special tables, then you will need some good massage oils. There are many types of oils in this category - some have fragrances, some provide warmth or cooling, and some are simple oils that allow the hands to glide freely over the skin. A massage is very difficult without oil, as when skin rubs against skin there tends to be some friction. If you are a massage therapist, or simply are looking for some relaxing oils to make your massages at home better, then check out the products below.

Increase Relaxation.
Fragrant oils and oils that heat are great ways to increase overall relaxation during a massage. A nice warm soothing touch will relax the muscles and tissues in the back, legs, calfs, feet, neck, and anywhere else that you happen to be massaging. Scent has been proven to heighten relaxation during massage as well - but if you want unscented oils, we have those too. For stubborn spots, there are relaxing creams and gels that can be applied to help relieve pain topically. Check out the sections below for more information on specific products.