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Wahl Deep-Tissue Percussion Therapeutic Massager Wahl Deep-Tissue Percussion Therapeutic Massager

This electric massager simulates deep tissue percussion style massages. Includes 4 attachment heads so you can achieve different types and intensities of therapy. Comes in blue. A preferred massager for professionals.

OUR PRICE: $72.95
Magic Wand Vibrator Magic Wand Vibrator

The Magic Wand vibrator pulsates at both a low and high speed to help you work out tension and soreness in major muscle groups. Ideal for massaging the back, neck, shoulders, and other areas of soreness.

OUR PRICE: $59.95
Norco Mini Massager Norco Mini Massager

This mini electric massager can go with you anywhere! Plus, it comes with three different head attachments for massaging different muscle groups and types. Excellent for scar tissue massage and personal massage on the hands for arthritis or similar.

OUR PRICE: $29.99
Backnobber II Self Massage Tool Backnobber II Self Massage Tool

The Backnobber is an S-shaped personal massage tool. Easily achieve relief for pains and strains on your back. Simply position the cane and press where it hurts.

OUR PRICE: $39.95
The Knotty Tiger The Knotty Tiger

Designed to fit perfectly into the palm of the hand.

OUR PRICE: $24.99
Wahl All Body Massager Vibrator Wahl All Body Massager Vibrator

Use to relieve pain, fatigue and to increase circulation.

OUR PRICE: $54.99
The Tiger Ball Massage-on-a-Rope The Tiger Ball Massage-on-a-Rope

Lean up against a wall or lie down on the ground.

OUR PRICE: $42.99
Thera Cane Thera Cane

Pinpoint hard-to-reach spots for a deep pressure massage.

OUR PRICE: $43.99
Scar Tissue Massage Tool Scar Tissue Massage Tool

Rubber tip helps pinpoint adhesions.

OUR PRICE: $22.99
Muscletrac Mini Muscletrac Mini

The Muscletrac mini is one of our favorite portable massagers! The intuitive design makes it simple to roll out the pain, whether it's in your neck, back, or any other area. Measures approximately 6.5" x 2" x 2" - this means it's perfect to take with you anywhere!

OUR PRICE: $31.99
Index Knobber II Index Knobber II

The Index Knobber takes the place of fingers, elbows, and knuckles during a massage. This device includes a comfortable hand grip, and a massage ball that allows you to focus pressure right where the tense spots are.

OUR PRICE: $24.99
Jacknobber II Jacknobber II

The Jacknobber is a massage tool with two small and two large massage balls - it is shaped like a jack (hence the name!) and works great to take the place of fingers and elbows during a massage.

OUR PRICE: $27.99
Oakworks Aurora Massage Table Oakworks Aurora Massage Table

This durable, lightweight massage table features a patented cable lock system constructed of quality hardwood and aircraft tested cables, wooden easy-adjustment knobs with oil- and dirt-resistant grips, high-density multi-layer semi-firm padding for longevity and comfort, super soft, earth-friendly TerraTouch upholstery (in Sage color as shown), and durable, heavy-duty leg extensions.

OUR PRICE: $649.99
Heritage Massage Table Heritage Massage Table

Features a strong flat working surface, rounded corners and a Reike end panels on each end, increasing the therapist's mobility around the table.

OUR PRICE: $549.99
Rolling ball massages small areas. Rolz Scar Tissue Massage Tool

Rolling ball massages small areas.

OUR PRICE: $34.99
Leg Spacer Foam Cushion Leg Spacer Foam Cushion

Relieve pressure and strain on the lower back, hips, knees and ankle while sleeping.

OUR PRICE: $43.99
Spiky Massage Balls - Pair Spiky Massage Balls - Pair

Use for sensory therapy, manual massage and reflexology.

OUR PRICE: $35.99
Theraband First Step to Foot Relief Theraband First Step to Foot Relief

The TheraBand First Step to Foot Relief is an at-home treatment solution for heel pain, combines stretching, massage and cold therapy to effectively help rehabilitate feet.

OUR PRICE: $44.99
Gizmo Massage Tool Gizmo Massage Tool

Constructed mainly to massage tender areas of smaller muscles groups such as, knees, ankle joints, hands, wrists, foot, neck and jaw muscles. ( Includes mini bag for storage)

OUR PRICE: $19.50
Wizmo and Gizmo Massagers Wizmo Massager

The Wizmo massager feature special cogs with either rounded or block massage tips. Use the device wherever it hurts to relieve tension and pain in tight muscles!

OUR PRICE: $28.95
Cold Massage Roller Cold Massage Roller

Use to relieve pain, fatigue and to increase circulation.

OUR PRICE: $39.95
Muscletrac Elite Muscletrac Elite

The Muscletrac Elite has six plastic rollers that can be used to promote myofascial release. Recommended for deeper penetration of the muscles with minimal effort. Flex model available for reaching difficult places.

OUR PRICE: $54.99
Everyone Loves a Massage!
Nothing relieves tension and pain in your muscles like a relaxing massage. This category has tons of fun and useful equipment that you can use on your husband, wife, family member, friend, or anyone else. There are many devices in this category that help leverage the weight of your body to help pin point those tense areas to work them loose. In this category you will also find many different massage creams, ointments, and other tools required to give the ultimate massage. Hot rocks? We've got 'em. Vibrating back massagers? We have those too. Need a massage table? Look no further! Shop-Ortho has everything you need to get started giving great massages - whether you're going into it for business, or just for fun.

For Therapy and For Relaxation
Massage therapy has been proven to release tense muscles and relieve pain. It's also an excellent way to promote general well-being and relaxation. We're not saying the tools in here will make you an expert, but they will help reduce fatigue in the hands and arms, allowing you to give a better quality massage for a longer period of time. If you or a loved one have pains that arise from tense or overworked muscles, try giving them a massage for some relief. Please note that you should consult with a medical professional before attempting a massage therapy regimen.

For Sports, Too
The Sports massage is a very popular type of massage that helps the body cool down and relax after an intense workout. This sort of massage applies to anyone that partakes in strenuous physical activity. It's important to stretch and massage the muscles after periods of high intensity training in order to help them recover faster, without injury. Many products in this category were designed to help you recover after a day of training - and they work to help reduce recovery time, prevent injury, reduce lactic acid build up, and generally promote a healthy body.