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Powered Chairs Make Movement Easier
These powered wheelchairs are an excellent option for people that can't or do not want to push a manual powered wheelchair. Our selection of powered wheelchairs will work to help you navigate obstacles and floorspace with ease. Each chair is configured for use with one hand, which allows for a minimum amount of movement in the upper body. This can be especially useful to persons that have an injury or condition which makes pushing a manual wheelchair difficult.

Regain Motion
A powered wheelchair can make life much easier for persons that need it, and the seats are often more comfortable than a manual wheelchair, too. If you or a loved one requires a wheelchair, but needs something that gives them more mobility, then consider a powered wheelchair. These are a great way to provide independent mobility without the frustrations and difficulties associated with a manual push wheelchair.

Silent Movement. Air-Inflated Wheels
These wheelchairs are all battery operated, which makes them near silent. Most include air-inflated wheels, which makes driving over bumpy terrain easier than with a push wheelchair. Since each one can be controlled with the fingers, a large range of motion is not required to become mobile again. Plus, each chair has special add ons and accessories that you can purchase that help make you more mobile. Baskets, mirrors, and similar accessories help you go to the store, movies, downtown, wherever you like with ease!