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With our many years of service in the Durable Medical Equipment (DME) industry, we have formed valuable and lasting relationships with some of the best manufacturers in the world. The vast and varying manufacturers at our disposal coupled with our superior customer service gives us the utmost confidence that we can provide you what you need, when you need it, and the knowledge to be confident that what you are buying will fit your needs. Please select a brand to get started.
  • AlignMed

    AlignMed posture shirts correct improper posture by re-educating and re-engineering your muscles. Products are perfect for any activity or daily wear.


    ARYSE is an emerging orthopedic and sports bracing provider that believes in creating revolutionary products that disrupt industry standards.
  • Bauerfeind

    Bauerfeind provides high quality knit braces for the ankle, elbow and knee joints along with back supports. These knit braces are latex free, making them safe for use on persons with latex allergies. In addition, the knit material is more durable than other braces made of neoprene or similar materials. Founded in 1929, Bauerfeind has 85+ years of experience manufacturing high quality braces and supports, each one made with care to help prevent pain in your joints. 100% authorized Bauerfeind retailer.

  • Breg

    Breg provides premium, high-value sports medicine products and services that advance patient orthopedic care. Breg provides solutions to over 1 million patients every year with over 6,000 orthopedic surgeon partners. 100% authorized Breg retailer.

  • DonJoy

    DonJoy orthopedics have been used for decades by individuals who want a quick recovery with limited pain and the smallest chance of repeat injury. DonJoy has established themselves as an industry leader with the highest level of innovation in orthopedic engineering. DonJoy bracing is routinely used and trusted by international athletes in over 44 countries.

  • Ossur

    Rooted in decades of research and experience, Ossur braces are designed to fit with ease, providing you the stability you need to move with confidence and live life without limitations.