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Thera-Cream TENS Electrotherapy Skin Prep Thera-Cream TENS Electrotherapy Skin Prep

Use TheraCream as an over all body treatment for dry skin. To promote maximum effectiveness, gently massage TheraCream into the skin with each application, allowing it to thoroughly absorb.

OUR PRICE: $16.99

Electrodes not sticking? Time for replacements.
This category contains accessories that you may need for your TENS unit. You will find lead wires, electrodes, and more below. We have the finest electrodes available from many different manufacturers, in many different configurations and shapes. After all, your TENS unit is worthless without electrodes! Our large selection of high quality electrodes are the perfect replacement for when your old pairs lose their stickiness and effectiveness. These electrodes follow standard sizing and should fit standard lead wires.

What is an Electrode? Why do I need one for my TENS unit?
The electrode is a sticky conductive pad that allows you to deliver TENS therapy right to where you need it. Typically the sticky part is covered in plastic so you can keep it stored until you need it, then when you're ready you can remove it from the plastic, stick it to your skin, and attach it to the TENS device. Electrodes vary in size and shape, so you should pick the one that best fits your needs. Our most popular electrodes are the square ones, as they are fairly universal in how and where you can stick them for maximum pain relief.