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Over The Counter Versions TENS / EMS Electrodes and Accessories
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Thera-Cream TENS Electrotherapy Skin Prep Thera-Cream TENS Electrotherapy Skin Prep

Use TheraCream as an over all body treatment for dry skin. To promote maximum effectiveness, gently massage TheraCream into the skin with each application, allowing it to thoroughly absorb.

OUR PRICE: $16.99


TENS Units for Pain Relief

For those customers that have injuries but do not want to take medications for pain, stay tuned. If you are new to TENS therapy, be prepared for some of the best non-pharmaceutical pain relief therapy on the market today. This is an electric muscle stimulator that works by sending an electrical current to the source of your pain. The term TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation and it works on a short term basis. By interrupting the signals that send pain to the brain, these TENS units can help reduce or entirely eliminate pain, without the use of pharmaceutical drugs. Interested in the technology? Check out our guide to tens units

Along with our TENS units for pain and our BioTENS 2 unit, also provides electrode replacements. In addition to treating injuries, we also provide products for arthritis sufferers such as the J-STIM 1000 Arthritis Stimulation Therapy System. Regardless, Kneehab XP Controller is one that attracts the most customers.

Having great electric muscle stimulators is one thing, but we also offer extra security with our online e-commerce center. We have the ability to accept payments from major credit cards and will immediately ship your package anywhere in the United States. Browse our selection and find the right product. Whether you need back braces, ankle braces, or want to buy a kneehab for your knee pains!

If you use a pacemaker please do not purchase a TENS unit as they may cause your pacemaker to stop functioning correctly, resulting in serious injury or possibly death.