Review: Electrodes from American Imex
Your TENS unit is worthless without these.

Product Review: American Imex Electrodes

By Clark on March 20th, 2014

If you have owned and used any sort of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation unit for a good period of time, then you know that the machine is completely worthless without a good pair of electrodes. Upon first use, the electrodes are sticky and easily apply to the skin. With time, you notice that a layer of grime builds up - sweat, body oils, hair. So what do you do? You can try to clean the electrodes, with soap, water, or other cleaners, but that may affect their integrity and usability. You can try to tape them onto yourself with duct tape or scotch tape, but you may notice that it doesn't deliver that same feeling like before, and perhaps they still fall off (in turn making them even more dirty than they were before!)

Solution: New electrodes from American Imex

Shop-Orthopedics sells everything you need when it comes to TENS supply. We carry these high quality replacement electrodes from American Imex that will restore the functionality of your BioTENS or other TENS unit. New electrodes will deliver that familiar therapy that you were looking for when you first bought the device. While you're replacing parts, you may even want to consider replacing the battery to get the freshest feel out of your device. Most take just a simple 9 volt. They come in a pack of four, so order according to your needs. If you frequently use TENS for therapy, consider ordering an extra set to save yourself some shipping costs.

Dimensions and Shape

These electrodes are a very traditional shape, square with rounded corners. This is typical for such a product. Each one measures 2 inches by 2 inches, and is about 1/4 of an inch tall. There is also a durable type of cotton gauze or fabric over the top to protect the electrically conductive gel from becoming damaged. This also allows for flexibility, allowing the electrodes to be used just about anywhere on the body (though you should take certain precautions in sensitive areas, if you're pregnant, or have epilepsy) In addition, there is an attachment that conveniently sticks out and connects to your TENS unit (like the biotens 2 we reviewed here) via the red and black leads from the unit itself.


The design is traditional and simple, and provides good surface area coverage that can easily be applied to common achy spots like the back. After applying and removing a few times, the electrodes remained sticky in our tests - a result of American Imex's patented gel technology. They will no doubt eventually get dirty and lose their stickiness, but this is a problem common to all electrodes, and hasn't been resolved yet. With gentle use and care, these electrodes should last you a long time. Especially in a pack of four.

Overall Verdict

This is a great product with few downfalls. Other than the fact that they don't retain their stickiness forever (no electrode will) the only other negative aspect might be that the size isn't large enough for certain customers. If this is the case, you will want to look into getting a bigger set. American Imex manufactures all sorts of electrodes for different purposes. Overall, these electrodes are well made with quality materials and don't fall apart in a simple fashion like other brands might. Definitely recommended.