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If you have fractured a rib in either an accident, coughing too hard, or through some other event, you know that it can be a painful and unpleasant experience. A good wrap will stabilize the ribs, preventing further injury or even a fully broken rib. This in turn helps the ribs heal faster. It's important to contact your doctor if you feel like anything serious has gone wrong with your ribcage - especially if you suspect that you have completely fractured a rib or are having difficulty breathing deeply.

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Breg Rib Belt Breg Rib Belt

The Breg Rib Belt is made of durable foam and available in male or female. Its white elastic construction allows for a comfortable fit while providing moderate compression to support for injuries and strains to the rib cage.

PRICE: $16.50
Breg Surgical Binder 8" Breg Surgical Binder 8

The Surgical Binder 8" has a contour-able closure for more comfortable fit. Use for support and compression to strained or weakened abdominal muscles.

PRICE: $27.00
Ossur Universal Elastic Rib Belt Ossur Universal Elastic Rib Belt

The Ossur Universal Elastic Rib Belt has a great contact closure for individual customization and is flannel lined for extra added comfort during compression. This product is sure to stabilize your rib cage in the exact way your doctor intended.

PRICE: $21.99
DonJoy DuraKold Back Wrap DonJoy DuraKold Back Wrap

The DuraKold products can effectively penetrate surgical dressings to decrease pain, edema and secondary hypoxic tissue injury.

PRICE: $119.00
ProCare Universal Rib Belt DonJoy ProCare Universal Rib Belt

The ProCare Universal Rib Belt is ideal for providing compression and support to the rib cage.

PRICE: $22.99