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Breg Polar Pad - Knee/Shoulder Breg Polar Pad - Knee/Shoulder

Available in a variety of styles to accommodate all major areas of the body, Bregs Polar Pads are highly durable.

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Breg IntelliFlo Knee Pad Breg IntelliFlo Knee Pad

The revolutionary Breg IntelliFlo pads offer great temperature regulation specifically tailored for each treatment area - allowing consistent reliable cold delivery

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Help Defeat Knee Pain and Inflammation With a Knee Brace
Knee injuries are a common reason to need a knee brace. They can help you from further injuring your knee and help assist in recovery by offloading some of the stress on the knee joint. Knee braces are great for pain, too, especially in persons with arthritis or other knee conditions.

We have selected the categories below as some common knee conditions and injuries. Inside each category you'll find braces, wraps, compressive sleeves, and other therapy tools to help with whatever pain or problems you might be experiencing.

Knee injuries are unfortunately one of the most common amongst athletes and active individuals. But anyone can be affected by knee injuries like Arthritis. Last year alone there were 10.4 million Americans who visited their doctor due to common knee injuries such as fractures, sprains, ligament tears and dislocations. The knee joint is the largest joint in our body and one of the most easily injured.