How to Choose the Best Achilles Brace
With so many different braces on the market, which achilles boot is best for you?

Choosing The Best Achilles Brace

By Clark on March 31st, 2014

If you're reading this, you are probably getting ready to buy an achilles brace due to an injury or surgery you had recently. The market can seem overwhelming at first. Lots of manufacturers make achilles braces, each with their own special features and materials. In this post we are going to walk you through a couple different options from the top manufacturers.

First Choice: Ossur Achilles Boots
Ossur is a high quality manufacturer based in Sweden. They're known for their light-weight, high quality braces, and often use high tech materials like carbon fiber for their great strength to weight ratio. The Ossur line is filled with superior quality braces that are anatomically correct and tested for both long and short term usage. Many doctors and professionals often suggest Ossur braces for patients because of their proven reliability in the bracing industry.

Ossur braces often include special technologies - the Ossur rebound air walker achilles brace, for example, has an adjustable inner bladder allowing the user to adjust the fit of the brace as snug or as loose as they may need. In addition, these special air bladders are shaped to the achilles, helping hold it in place after a surgery or microtear. This in turn promotes healing by directly stabilizing the tendon. The rebound air walker is probably the best achilles brace available.

The Ossur Rebound Air Walker In Action

Ossur has other similar braces in this category, like the ossur air equalizer. This boot has many of the same features as the rebound air walker at a lower price. This boot is also great for achilles tendon injury, and is frequently used for rehabilitation, trauma, or post operation situations where general overall stability is needed in the leg and ankle. Though not specifically built to stabilize the achilles tendon, this boot can indirectly assist in recovery from achilles issues.

Ossur braces consistently provide great support and anatomical fit and thus are the preferred choice when it comes to choosing the best achilles boot. Simplicity is a must when it comes to securing a brace to the foot, and Ossur nails that simplicity right on the head. Along with all the technology inside a boot like the air rebound walker, Ossur is Shop-Orthopedic's preferred choice for an achilles tendon brace.

Second Choice: Donjoy Achilles Boots
Based out of California, we have DonJoy. DonJoy is another world class manufacturer in the bracing industry, and have pioneered many technologies of their own. Their bracing options tend to be a little more bulky than competitors like Ossur, but generally provide the same amount of stability. Some of their best achilles braces include their ROM walker and the Walkabout boot.

The DonJoy ROM walker includes a Range of Movement limiter - allowing you to set the range of dorsi and plantar flexion ins 7.5 degree increments. This can be useful when recovering from an achilles injury or repair because it can be used to completely stabilize the foot, and, with time, ease back into using the tendon with greater and greater range of movement. This foot brace indirectly stabilizes the achilles through immobilization of the foot and ankle.

The DonJoy ROM walker

If you want a super inexpensive option, the DonJoy Walkabout achilles boot may be your best bet. It is injection molded to maintain cost effectiveness while also allowing for a good amount of stability. Though not as good at stabilizing the achilles as the ROM walker or options from Ossur, this brace does still stabilize the foot and ankle to prevent reinjury of the tendon. Note that this option is a little more bulky than a lower profile brace, like the rebound air walker from Ossur.

The best brace for you is going to be what you feel gives the best support for your injury. The options we have listed here simply discuss the different technologies available for stabilizing the achilles and foot. Talk with your doctor and do some more research on what your condition is before choosing an ankle brace.