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AlignMed Capri Pants For Women AlignMed Capri Pants For Women

Our capri (mid-calf) pants are the perfect marriage of fashion and function. Our internal technology shapes and fires your muscles while energizing and supporting your hips and legs. Perfect for any activity or daily wear.

OUR PRICE: $95.00
DonJoy Sully Hip S'port Support DonJoy Sully Hip Sport Support

On the outside, hook sensitive plush material allows attachment of elastic straps in almost any position. Attach the straps at any point, in any direction, and with any amount of force needed. You can functionally stabilize, assist or restrict movement just like with the Sully Shoulder Stabilizer!

OUR PRICE: $134.99
ProCare Hip Abduction Pillow DonJoy ProCare Hip Abduction Pillow

The ProCare Hip Abduction Pillows is designed to support legs and maintain a immobilized position following hip surgery.

OUR PRICE: $59.99

Breg WrapOn Pad - Hip Breg WrapOn Pad - Hip

Breg's unique WrapOn Polar Pads incorporate elastic straps that wrap around the joint and affix to the foam-backed pad. The WrapOn Pads eliminate the need for extra foam wraps or ace wraps.

OUR PRICE: $100.00
FLA Soft Form Hernia Belt FLA Soft Form Hernia Belt

The Soft Form Hernia Belt provides gentle relief from reducible inguinal hernias. The Soft Form Hernia Belt is manufactured using lightweight materials and no uncomfortable or hard to use buckles or snaps. Provides constant, comfortable and adjustable pressure to the hernia.

OUR PRICE: $38.99
FLA Soft Form Hernia Brief FLA Soft Form Hernia Brief

FLA Soft Form is indicated to provide constant, comfortable and adjustable pressure to the hernia

OUR PRICE: $45.99
FLA Premium Athletic Supporter FLA Premium Athletic Supporter

Premium Athletic Supporter, manufactured by FLA Orthopedics, provides all day support, is suitable for sports, and ideal for wear during strenuous activity.

OUR PRICE: $29.99
Breg WrapOn IntelliFlo Pad - Hip Breg IntelliFlo Pad - Hip

The revolutionary Breg IntelliFlo pads offer great temperature regulation specifically tailored for each treatment area - allowing consistent reliable cold delivery. The ergonomic design gives superior coverage, static compression, and comfort.

OUR PRICE: $106.00
Thigh Sleeves & Groin Support

Shop-Orthopedics offers thigh and groin sleeves from DonJoy and Hely & Weber. Made from high quality, flexible neoprene, these sleeves provide compression and support for injured thighs, including quad, hamstring, and groin muscle pulls. For cold weather sports, these sleeves are perfect for keeping your muscles warm and loose during athletic activities. Dont let a thigh injury keep you out of the game. Shop for this support to get you active again. Shin Sleeves for Shin Splints Runners and other athletes know the pain and discomfort associated with shin splints all too well. The DonJoy Shin Splint Sleeve is a great way to relieve the pain of shin splints and help in recovery from an intense workout. This sleeve offers compression to reduce swelling and provides warmth to prevent stiffness, all while improving tendon function.