A Fitting Guide for the Ossur Miami Lumbar Support
The Ossur Miami Lumbar support is one of the best lower back braces on the market. To get the best fit possible, you will need to correctly adjust the back brace by cutting it at your measured waist-line and using the thumb loops to tighten the brace.

Fitting and Sizing The Ossur Miami Lumbar Back Support

By Clark on May 27th, 2014

The Ossur Miami Lumbar back brace is a fully adjustable and highly comfortable lumbar support. It does require a small amount of adjusting, but this process is simple and outlined in detail below. Adjusting your new back brace properly is key to a comfortable fit!

Required Items:
1. Tape Measure - preferably a soft fabric tape measure as you will be using it to take a circumference measurement
2. Scissors - Find a good pair of scissors, these will be used to cut the excess off the brace.
3. Ossur Miami Lumbar Back Brace

Sizing Instructions:

Step 1: Measure the Circumference of the Waist

Use your tape measure to measure the circumference of the waist at the midsection, across the belly button. You want the tape measure to be snug, but not overly tight. If your waist is between sizes, then round up. Add 2" to your total measurement to get your final cutting measurement. (For example if your waist was 32", your cutting measurement would be 34")

measuring waist

Step 2: Prepare the Brace

Your back brace should be removed from the box and flipped over so that the measurements are facing downwards. Find the two thumb-pull tabs and move them to the side or stick them to the front of the brace. The goal here is to make sure you don't cut them or the strings accidentally in the next step, so just get them out of the way as best as you can.

securing thumb loops

Step 3: Cutting the Brace

You want to cut the brace along the lines at your cutting measurement (taken in step 1). If you are in between sizes again, go up to the next size. You can always cut more off, but you can't cut back on! It's better to be safe than sorry - especially when dealing with an expensive lumbar support like this.

cutting the straps to size

Step 4: Re-attach the Straps

The back straps that you just trimmed to size hold the brace together. Now they need to be re-attached. Remove the two smaller pieces you cut from the brace and discard them. Flip the main straps over and re-attach them to the body of the brace like in the pictures below.

flip the strap over for reattachment

re-attaching the straps

Step 5: Attach Optional Support Panels

If you have optional anterior/posterior support panels, you can connect them as shown in the pictures below. Remember to connect the blue panel to the blue area and the yellow panel to the yellow area. The pointier sides need to be pointing the correct way when applied for proper support of the back.

matching the panels

Step 6: Attach the Back Brace

Attaching the brace can be tricky - you need to be sure you are applying it tight while finding a way to get your arm out of the way so the two pieces can attach. The best method we have found is to roll your left arm out of the way as you slowly attach the right side. Be sure to put the panel side flat against your stomach if you are using the anterior panel. The brace won't be effective if the panel side is not placed down first.

miami lumbar attach - side 1 then side 2

miami lumbar attaching/arm roll

Step 7: Securing Brace With Pull Tabs

Once the back brace has been attached, you should further cinch it down with the provided pull tabs. Hook them with your thumbs and pull out sideways, and bring them to the front of the brace then stick them on. Be sure to maintain tension on the tabs during this time. The loops should stick to the front portion and not slip.

If the tabs don't quite stretch all the way, you can re-seat the two arms that you had to cut in step 3 to be an inch or two further away from the main portion of the brace. This should give you some extra room to pull the thumb loops across the front of the brace.

miami lumbar back brace pulling thumb loops

miami lumbar attaching thumb loops

miami lumbar brace applied

Now that your brace has been fitted and secured, you can use it whenever and wherever you need. Taking the brace off is as simple as placing the pull tabs on the sides of the brace and undoing the velcro. When you want to reapply the brace, pull the arms on either side to reset the pull tabs, then repeat steps 6 and 7.