A Review of The Best Crutches Ever: Mobilegs
Regular crutches don't fit properly in the armpit and are uncomfortable - Mobilegs fix the comfort problem by making crutches ergonomical. And fun.

Product Review: Mobilegs Ultra

By Clark on March 31st, 2014

Mobilegs Ultra: The Best Crutch Ever
So you break a leg or sprain an ankle, and find yourself on a pair of traditional crutches and a couple of ankle braces. The traditional crutches are shaped in a funky way, they constantly hit your thighs, sometimes you kick one with your foot. They're not comfortable, either - they don't feel good on your underarms, and are constantly chafing and putting pressure certain points. Now there is a better option, and they're called mobilegs.

Mobilegs are designed fantastically. They look a little space-like, which is cool. Everything about them is ergonomic and shaped to the body. The saddle is wider and fits under the arm very snug-like. It has vents, which allow air to pass through so that you aren't sweating all over the crutch, causing wetness and discomfort. The handle is shaped to fit the hand perfectly, allowing for extended use without hand fatigue. The actual crutch itself is offset, so that you don't kick it with your feet or brush your hip with it. Even the foot has a special shape to it which helps reduce exertion and increase grip.

Mobilegs' offset design gives clearance to the hips and helps prevent tripping

The whole design is streamlined. A traditional crutch is shaped more like an upside down A, while the mobilegs are shaped like an I. Where traditional crutches will get caught on things as you walk by, mobilegs are smooth and slip past obstacles with ease. In addition, each mobileg crutch has a spring loaded underarm rest, which cushions your arms as you walk (versus traditional crutches that give you a jarring thud with each step if you aren't very gentle). Mobilegs are designed fantastically. There was clearly a lot of thought put into them by the engineer(s)

Mobilegs crutches are the most comfortable and lightweight crutches ever, allowing for the best mobility possible with an assisted walking device. Each mobileg is made to fit ergonomically and anatomically to the human body, reducing pressure points and discomfort that typically come along with a traditional crutch design. You won't get any tingling hands, back and shoulder pain, or any other problems with mobilegs as they were specifically designed to prevent the issues that a regular crutch brings to the table.

The super comfortable saddle that adapts to your walking style

The saddle moves with your arm as you walk, so instead of pounding the pavement every step of the way, you're being cushioned with mobilegs special shock absorbing design. The foot on each crutch is made of a special shock-absorbing rubber with a special oval shape for maximum comfort. Mobilegs make using crutches easy, too, with fully adjustable lengths and hand grips for anyone from 4'9" to 6'4". Mobilegs can hold up to 300 pounds. More importantly, mobilegs make using crutches fun.

Build Quality
Mobilegs feel very solid. There is a slight learning curve, as the underarm saddles rotate slightly to provide extra comfort. You will soon adapt to the crutch, however, and striding along will be a breeze. Mobilegs are light, but strong. Traditional crutches sometimes flex, especially with more weight, but these have a very sturdy feel to them. The plastic used in the saddle is very strong as well, and will survive a short drop (something that happens with crutches from time to time). Overall mobilegs feel very well made.

The feet are super soft rubber. This provides a smooth walking experience, but they tend to rub apart quickly

One complaint is that the feet on the crutches do sometimes rub apart after long periods of use. This must be due to the type of rubber used, and is really very insignificant when you look at just how awesome the rest of the crutch is. It is possible to purchase extra feet if they get worn down, and replacement is easy enough, but it would be nice if it didn't happen. Unfortunately, this soft rubber is part of why the crutches feel so smooth when using them, so it's not something that's likely to change.

Mobilegs are definitely the best crutch ever. They're durable, lightweight, ergonomic, and assist with walking. People often overlook just how uncomfortable a traditional crutch can be. Mobilegs solve the uncomfortability issue and bring an awesome product to the table. They're truly an innovation in the world full of lower leg injuries, and Shop-Orthopedics highly recommends them. A+ Check out mobilegs ultra here.