Product Review: IMAK Arthritis Gloves
These gloves provide great compression and warmth to the fingers and hands. This makes them excellent for reducing swelling and arthritis relief.

Product Review: IMAK Arthritis Gloves

By Clark on April 25th, 2014


Brownmed was kind enough to send us this medium pair of IMAK arthritis gloves to review. The first impression of these is great. They come in a nice simple paper/cardboard package that is easy to open (a must if you're buying these for arthritis). The top slides out and the gloves are easy to access and put on. They're made of 92% cotton, 8% spandex, and provide compression but allow for mobility. The compression isn't too intense nor is it too light. IMAK seems to have done a great job finding a sweet spot for these gloves. They feel like they can be worn for a long period of time.

imak arthritis gloves box

The color is a nice neutral dark and snowy gray, keeping things soft on the eyes. This review is actually being typed while wearing the gloves. It admittedly has a different feel typing while your fingers are being compressed. We wouldn't say they're really 'restricted' but typing is a tiny bit more difficult while wearing them. What does help is that the gloves are fingerless, so you don't lose touch sensation in the finger tips. (Added this part later - once your fingers adjust to the sensation it's a lot easier to do manual dexterity things)

The gloves seem to heat up the hands ever so slightly, making them very therapeutic. The whole experience of having the hands compressed is rather nice. Though the author doesn't have arthritis, he definitely sees how this sort of product would be beneficial. Compression in the hands will undoubtedly relieve some of that inflammation and pain that is common in different types of hand arthritis.

imak arthritis gloves box - back

Build Quality

The stitching and overall quality on these gloves is spectacular. No loose threads or excess fabric sticking out, and all cut ends have a special stitch on them to prevent things from falling apart in the future. The quality of the fabric is great as well. It has a nice soft feeling and it 'breathes' so your hands don't get all sweaty. The bottom portion of the glove covers the very base of the wrist, keeping the gloves comfortable. The thumb stitching is unique as well, and allows for excellent mobility in the thumb joint. Opening and closing the hands is easy, so you can do things like crafts, knitting, gardening, whatever it may be with ease.

close-up of finger stitching
A close up on the finger stitching

It's hard to tell how these would hold up over time. Since they're made of cotton and nylon, you would assume that they're quite durable. However, gloves arguably get more use than other articles of clothing. That being said, it also depends on what you're doing while wearing them. If you're doing heavy gardening, obviously, don't expect these to last long. If you're just knitting and doing stuff around the house, they will probably last a lifetime.

As mentioned above, the gloves are made of 92% cotton and 8% nylon. They're very breathable while at the same time being insulated enough to keep the hands a few degrees warmer than usual. The material has a spring-like quality to it, which provides that soothing compression. It's also quite soft, making it comfortable for wear during long periods of use. They're not itchy or at all uncomfortable, and grip isn't really affected too much as the fingertips are exposed.

The material is thin enough to where you have some sensation of touch through the gloves, but not so thin that they feel cheap. The cutouts at the fingertips compress at the same level as the rest of the glove, so there isn't any inequality in pressure throughout the glove.

imak glove material
Here you can see how the glove fits over the hand.

These arthritis gloves definitely compress and heat the hand. They're highly therapeutic and would probably be great for a person with arthritis, but that's hard to quantify without actually suffering from the condition. They would definitely help reduce swelling, and are probably more effective and definitely easier than a wrap or similar. They're also easy enough to apply and remove - probably the best way to get them off is to start at the finger tips and slowly work them off. They can be stored in a drawer or shelf with ease (they're just two little gloves after all) and are easy to spot thanks to the unique color.

Overall effectiveness would be rated as an A+. The solution is just so simple and perfect. People have probably tried all kinds of ways to compress their hands, but this is a dedicated solution to the issue. Rather than messing around with tapes and wraps, just get yourself a pair of these arthritis gloves. They make arthritis pain relief in the hands quick and easy.

These are a great product overall. IMAK has come up with a simple and effective solution to compress and relieve arthritis pain in the hands. They're cost effective, easy to apply, and really have no downsides. The simplicity in these gloves is what makes them so excellent, and we definitely recommend them if you suffer from arthritis in the hands, swelling, or other pains. We do sell these imak arthritis gloves, so feel free to check them out if you're interested.