Product Review: The BodyMed Digital Moist Heating Pad
This is a great heating pad for melting away some of the most common aches and pains all over the body.

Product Review: The BodyMed Moist Heat Pad

By Clark on March 28th, 2014

Minor aches and pains are no fun. If you suffer from arthritis, muscle inflammation, or pain from previous injuries, you know how difficult it can be to find a quick pain relief method that works. The product that we have today, the BodyMed Digital Moist Heating Pad, aims to melt away the pain and stiff muscles with relaxing moist heat. If you want to buy this heating pad, Shop-Orthopedics has it in stock, ready to ship, same day.

Read the BodyMed Moist Heating Pad Manual (PDF)

Overview of the BodyMed Digital Moist Heating Pad
This particular model was the 14" by 27" pad. We felt that this gave a great level of coverage, and it fits perfectly around the back, can be draped over the shoulders, wrapped around a leg, etc. The bodymed moist heating pad came in a nice box with a small instruction pamphlet, and included everything we needed to get started. Setup was simple - we merely had to unbox the pad, plug it in, and adjust the settings.

Usage of the heating pad is very intuitive. The digital display keeps things easy when adjusting temperatures, and the moist heating pad gets up to the desired temperature fairly rapidly - within a few minutes. The extension cord measures about 52 inches (4.3 ft) from the wall plug to the controller, and about 20" from the controller to the pad. Overall the cord is about 72 inches, or 6 feet. This was plenty long for our brief test. If you needed extra length, you could just plug the pad into an extension cord.

The moist heating pad is fairly large, but can be folded into thirds if you wanted to use it on the neck. It's just about the perfect weight - not too heavy nor too light. It's important to remember that this device will shut off if it senses that it's getting too hot, so you won't be able to sleep with it on (though this isn't recommended anyway). It also includes a timer that will allow you to set the device for up to 60 minutes, though 15 minutes is usually what is recommended. Really that is all that's needed as the device quickly melts away pain and knots.

How Does It Work?
The pad is incredibly fast and easy to use. Upon unpacking, everything is ready to go - no assembly required. You simply plug the moist heating pad in, set the digital temperature control to your desired temperature level (we recommend starting low and working your way up to avoid getting burned on accident) and wait about 5 minutes for the pad to heat up. Once the pad is to the temperature you need, it's ready for application to pain sites.

This moist heating pad doesn't require water or any other additional items. It wicks moisture from the air and your body to stay very lightly damp during usage. For some reason this moisture technique seems to be better at relieving pain, though we aren't sure of the exact mechanism. The pad never gets sopping wet, rather it remains comfortably moist. Again, no water or other pieces are required to make the unit work, it's ready right out of the box.

This heat pad is extremely relaxing. After placing it on tense muscles, painful joints, or other achy parts on the body, you will start feeling the heat working its way in and relieving pain. It's quite a pleasurable feeling overall, and the bodymed digital moist heating pad definitely provides relief in an elegant package.

Build Quality
The digital temperature adjustment feels light, but not cheap. The display is easy to read, and, more importantly, easy to adjust. You can set the temperature anywhere from 86 to 144 degrees, so you may have to be careful as it does get very hot. You can easily burn yourself if you aren't used to higher temperatures. The wire itself feels very thick and sturdy, and connects all the way through heating pad in a very secure way. The heating pad itself has some nice textured dots on it that help keep the flannel cover from coming off or getting bunched up. Included in the package is everything you need to get started, including a flannel cover that is 100% machine washable and dryable (a must for heating pads. they start to get dirty - especially after extended use)

The controls are extremely precise, you can choose any temperature you like as long as it can be set on the dial. The digital adjustment on this moist heating pad is intuitive and quick, so you won't have to fumble around with weird knobs or other switches and controls. The timer is easy to control, though it is limited to 60 minutes. Keep in mind that the device has a safety measure to shut off if it gets too hot. After unpacking, the pad feels like a quality item with good manufacturing as well, and heats up quickly to provide pain relief. The product comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty.

Is It Safe?
This heating pad is totally 100% safe to use as long as the manufacturer's instructions are followed. Though the device can be set for up to an hour, it's recommended to only use it for about 15 minutes. In addition to this, the temperature should not immediately be set to higher levels, as you may inadvertently burn your skin. The excellent build quality clues into the fact that this device is probably NOT a fire hazard, though it catching fire is still a possibility. As with any heating device, proper monitor and care of the device will prevent any hazardous events like this.

The device also has built in safety features - if it detects that it's getting too hot, it will shut off until it cools back down. Advanced circuitry in this moist heating pad should prevent any disasters, but you definitely need to take precautions.

Overall the BodyMed moist heating pad is awesome when compared to similar products in the category. Excellent build quality, quick temperature settings, and an intuitive interface make this device easy to use and handle. In addition to the excellent build quality, this pad has a very nice overall surface area that is perfect for covering every part of the body from the neck down to your feet. Shop-Orthopedics definitely recommends this moist heating pad if you're looking for an excellent and fast way to relieve minor aches and pains.