Shop-Orthopedics Product Review: Buddy Loops Stabilizers
So much better than athletic tape if you're treating a finger injury or sprain.

Product Review: Buddy Loops - A Finger Stabilizing Wrap

By Clark on March 24th, 2014

Buddy loops are a great alternative to sports or athletic tape. If you have a roll of that stuff you might want to consider just buying some buddy loops and throwing the tape out, because buddy loops are way better and infinitely more comfortable than wrapping yourself in sticky tape. Especially if you have hairy fingers, you know how well removing the tape goes with that. This is our review of the buddy loop finger wrap system.

Build Quality

Buddy loops seem very sturdy. They're not just simple Velcro loops, there is actually a bit of design to them, sort of like what you might see in ankle braces or various back braces. Your fingers slip in the loop and you tighten them with the Velcro action. The Velcro part did seem to stretch a slight bit, which is good if you're looking for a tighter fit. The loops would likely remain stretched if you put too much tension on them for a long period of time - not really a con, just something that should be mentioned. Even if the loops were stretched a little they would function the same way. The buddy loops stick well thanks to the high quality Velcro used, and there is a no slip liner on the inside that will prevent them from falling off when playing sports.

Buddy loops are machine washable and very durable in our initial tests. They are likely to get a little dirty if you're going to be wearing them everywhere, so being machine washable is a huge pro. You can get buddy loops wet if you need to wash your hands or something, but we recommend that you simply take them off before putting them in any water just to prevent the buddy loops from becoming uncomfortable due to moisture. In the pack that we reviewed, none of the buddy loops had loose strings or frays. This further signifies a high quality from a simple manufacturing standpoint.


Buddy loops are pretty intuitive to use. You pick a finger next to the one that's injured and use the good one as a splint to anchor the hurt finger. If your pointer finger was injured or sprained, for example, you would anchor it to your middle finger. The middle finger provides the support and stability needed during the healing process. This can be used for most any kind of simple injury - sprains, jams, minor breaks if recommended by a doctor. We heard of one person using it after surgery to keep the fingers from moving (again, consult with a doctor on something like this).

The buddy loops didn't slip or come off, even when we tried flailing our arms around in an attempt to have them slide off. As mentioned earlier, there is a no-slip liner that keeps them secured on your fingers even when you're engaging in heavy movement. The Velcro didn't come undone any more than usual in our brush test, where we brushed our hand up against certain objects in order to try and get them to come off. Velcro is generally a pretty stable material, and that's no different here. The buddy loops feel very comfortable and could easily be used for long periods of time. Any discomfort is probably due to having the loops too tight - just loosen them a tad and you should be good to go.


Buddy loops feel like they would be very effective in treating a minor injury like a sprain or a jam or anything else that doesn't require a cast. They are very good at immobilizing the fingers and preventing them from moving in any direction that might exacerbate existing injuries, or strain the fingers further. They can assist in the healing and therapy process for simple injuries and are a much better and more comfortable alternative to athletic/sports tape. With tape often times you find yourself struggling to apply and remove it, buddy loops make the finger stabilization process simple and easy.


Buddy loops are well made and more simple than other alternatives. They are easy to put on, easy to take off, and assist in the healing process. The buddy loop system is a very novel idea that is executed well with the simple strap design. Overall, the build quality was awesome on the 5 units we reviewed, and we would highly recommend buddy loops to sports players, athletes, or anyone else that might frequently suffer mild injuries to the fingers.