March 21st review - Ossur Compression Sleeves for the Ankle
These compression sleeves are great if you have suffered a sports injury in the ankle or foot region - sprained and rolled ankles, achilles tendon ruptures, foot injuries - these compression socks will give the compression you need in the foot and ankle.

Product Review: Ossur Ankle Compression Sleeves

By Clark on March 21th, 2014

Athletes know how common simple ankle and foot injuries can be, and know even moreso how difficult it can be to get good compression on those injuries to assist in the healing process. ACE bandages and other compression methods work to an extent, but are difficult to work with and aren't so easy to clean. If you want an alternative to those, try our ankle compression sleeves from ossur after reading the review below.


These are a simple and effective alternative for applying pressure to the foot and ankle after an injury. Most athletes will roll an ankle somewhere along their path. Mens Fitness even ranked ankle sprains as one of the top 8 injuries athletes will experience during their lifetimes. As mentioned above, there are some traditional methods to help stabilize and heal injuries like these, such as cloth wraps and tricky bandages, but perhaps the best, most effective, and most modern way to provide compression is with these ankle compression sleeves. They come 6 to a pack and have convenient cutouts for the heel and toes. This allows you to put a sock over the top if so desired, and makes it easy enough to wear with a shoe or even certain brace fittings. Upon further inspection, it's clear that Ossur uses very high quality elastic canvas to manufacture these sleeves. In our brief period with them, we stretched them significantly and didn't witness any tears or similar, and the ankle compression sleeves went back to their original size. See the picture below for a close up example of what the fabric looks like.

The manufacturer states that these are machine washable. Shop-Orthopedics didn't have a chance to test this aspect, but we're pretty confident they would hold up in the wash. As you can see in the picture, Ossur appears to be using a special manufacturing process that weaves the elastic into a durably and hardy cloth-like fabric. The fabric does tend to wick away sweat and moisture, just like any other cloth-based garment, so it's good to see that they can be cleaned. They only come in one color, a sort of 'medical beige', but luckily they're comfortable enough to be covered up with a sock if you are worried about cosmetic appearance. And with 6 of them, you can always have a pair available.


Using these compression sleeves is very intuitive. Simple take a pair out of the package (or just one depending on whether one or both of your feet are injured) and carefully slide them over the ankle. The sleeves work their way into position as you pull them up your leg, which is a plus. They provide excellent compression in our preliminary tests, especially when compared to something like an ACE bandage that can come undone or loosen as the day goes on. These ankle compression sleeves from Ossur will stay on your foot all day and all night until you remove them, with minimal adjustment. Seeing as they're a single unit, they keep the compression going until you take them off; again, no adjustments required.

Overall the compression sleeves fit very snugly on the foot. They're very comfortable (though we weren't testing them on an injured foot or ankle - your mileage may vary there). They also provide excellent compression from just below the calf, around the ankle, down into the foot area. You could easily introduce this item into your RICE routine if you're nursing an injury. On something like Achilles tendonitis, the sleeve would provide excellent compression as well.

Build Quality

Just like all of Ossur's products, this ankle compression sleeve has clearly been manufactured in a contained environment, and is definitely up to par with the highest quality standards in the industry. The cut out parts showed no frays or tears, and the fabric itself has a nice thick feel to it. As with any product, heavy usage will make it fall apart eventually, but at such a low price with a relatively long product life, the cost is well justified. Especially if you're any kind of athlete or are very active outdoors and prone to ankle or foot injuries.

We are very impressed with the intricate weaving/knit pattern that Ossur has employed on this sleeve. From a manufacturing standpoint, this seems to have been a very precise product to make. Quality inside and out is very apparent, and again, this product seems like it would last a long period of time.


The large fit was perfect for our tester, an average sized male. The elastic ankle compression sleeve is very well built, machine washable, and seems very durable. They also come in a pack of 6, good enough for about a week of wear on one foot if you wash them every day (obviously even longer if you don't need to wash them)


The only gripe we would really have with the product is that it isn't adjustable. If you wanted it to be tighter than it already is, there isn't any way of doing that short of putting another sleeve over the top. The compression is definitely sufficient, but some people may find that they need a little more. Two sleeves over each other seems to take care of that problem temporarily. A permanent fix is to ensure that you order the correct size - see the sizing chart below to ensure you don't run into any issues with sizes.


This product is highly recommended overall. It's much better than traditional methods of compression, is very simple to use, and fits great into a RICE schedule. If you suffer something simple like a rolled or sprained ankle, or even something more complex in the foot or ankle, consider throwing it into your therapy schedule, and though this is not an ankle brace, it should definitely assist in the healing process.