HyperIces Latest Product: The Vyper.
They Vyper is HyperIce's next big product. What is it?

HyperIce's Latest Project: The Vyper

By Clark on July 18th, 2014

HyperIce is known for their very well designed ice pack wraps that compress and cool your sore joints. These wraps have been sponsored by huge athletes like Adrian Peterson and Blake Griffin. The pros seem to really like and use the HyperIce wraps, but now the company has a new recovery tool that they seem to like even more. It's a small vibrating foam roller called the Vyper, and it's on kickstarter today.

the vyper from hyperice

The Vyper uses a combination of pressure and vibration to help loosen up tense or sore muscles. This is perfect for the legs, back, shoulders, neck, or anywhere else that needs relief. It works at a specific frequency that HyperIce developed through much trial and error with high level athletes - these are people that have used many different sports rehabilitation devices and know what works and what doesn't, so you know that the Vyper is highly effective.

This special high frequency vibration makes it more effective than just a foam roller alone. The device theoretically massages knots and tension away rather than just rolling them out with pressure. This leads to a more effective recovery, especially after intense training where the muscles have been exerted to their fullest capacity.

blake griffin using the vyper

The Vyper isn't available yet, but HyperIce plans to have the product shipped by November, just in time for the holiday season. This of course depends on how well their round of funding on Kickstarter goes, but if this product is even half as popular as the HyperIce system, it will fund no problem.

Don't forget to check out our selection of HyperIce products. Come back to Shop-Orthopedics when the Vyper kickstarter campaign is complete. Shop-Orthopedics will be carrying the Vyper by December, 2014 if the project is successful.