Lower Back Pain


      Lower back pain can be mitigated with a good lower back brace. If you spend your day sitting at a desk or find yourself hunched over a computer, a back brace can help with your posture and relieve muscle tension and pain. If your back hurts because of an old injury, muscle cramps, or similar, relieving pressure or applying hot and cold can assist as well.

      Many people find that a great back brace helps them in their day to day struggles with lower back pain. By supporting the lower back and offering slight compression, most pain can be completely eliminated. Many options exist from an easy wrap to a full on brace with different rigid components to keep the back immobilized. We have all kinds of different options for you at Shop-Orthopedics.com.

      Ossur Cold Rush Lumbar Pad
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      lower back traction device
      traction back machine
      ComforTrac Lumbar Traction – Home Remedy for Back Pain
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      Ossur Formfit Back Support
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      ComfortTrac Deluxe Home Cervical Traction Kit 2.0 – Includes bonus Carrying Case
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      Ossur Hot Cold Gel Pad for Formfit Back Support With Air
      Ossur Hot Cold Gel Pad for Formfit Back Support Non-Air
      aspen lumbar support
      aspen lumbar brace
      Aspen Lumbar Support - Premium Lower Back Comfort and Support
      Ossur Formfit Back Support with Air
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      Aspen Elite Active
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      Aspen Elite Active+ - Precision-Designed Lower Back Pain Relief
      Ossur Formfit Pro Back Brace
      medi Lumbamed Basic Lumbar Soft Support
      medi 4C Flex Hyperextension Spinal Brace