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Tennis elbow is a repetitive use injury that can make it difficult to do minor things due to the extreme pain on the outside of the elbow. Often times, tennis players will get 'tennis elbow' due to overuse of the elbow - hence the name. The tendons that join the forearm to the muscles. Over time, with plenty of use, these parts become damaged, inflamed, and painful. If you're considering surgery for tennis elbow, try one of our braces below first for some relief before going under the knife.

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Universal Tennis Elbow Support with Gel Ossur Universal Tennis Elbow Support with Gel

Tennis Elbow Support with Hot/Cold Gel Therapy for pain due to epicondylitis.

PRICE: $19.99
Ossur Formfit Tennis Elbow Ossur Formfit Tennis Elbow

The Ossur Formfit Tennis Elbow is a patented ergonomically-shaped brace that eliminates tourniquet effect usually associated with traditional designs with similar braces.

PRICE: $19.99
Universal Airform Tennis Elbow Support Ossur Universal Airform Tennis Elbow Support

The Ossur Airform Tennis Elbow Support offers a focused pneumatic compression to provide more support with less constriction.

PRICE: $22.99
Ossur FormFit Pro Elbow Sleeve Ossur Formfit Pro Elbow Sleeve

Ossur Formfit Pro Elbow provides relief from elbow pain. This 3D compressive elbow sleeve is manufactured using our MotionTech technology and features two integrated epicondyle SmartPads for more targeted support and cushioning. The RadialStrap provides additional compression and support.

PRICE: $64.99