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If you need a splint that will keep your thumb immobilized without sacrificing movement in the rest of your hand, thumb spica splints from Shop-Orthopedics are your answer. From immobilizing splints that are designed to relieve pain and improve recovery, to splints that allow moderate support that simply stabilize and provide compression, Shop-Orthopedics has a thumb splint that will work for you.

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Breg Universal Thumb Spica Breg Universal Thumb Spica

The Breg Universal Thumb Spica is Breg's most popular and highest selling thumb brace. Versatile and comfortable to wear, it is made of a perforated neoprene material.

PRICE: $37.00
Breg Wrist Cock-up with Thumb Spica Breg Wrist Cock-up with Thumb Spica

The Wrist Brace with Thumb Spica features a removable malleable palmar stay for support and immobilization.

PRICE: $55.50
Ossur Formfit Thumb Spica Ossur Formfit Thumb Spica

From mild to moderate sprains and strains to other selected soft tissue injuries, Form Fit Thumb Spica from Ossur Braces has you covered with the breathable material and contour fit. It is designed to restrict wrist and thumb motion.

PRICE: $39.99
Hot/Cold Gel Pad for Form Fit Thumb Spica Ossur Hot/Cold Gel Pad for Formfit Thumb Spica

Hot/Cold therapy option for the Ossur FormFit Thumb Spica, Ossur Elastic Wrist Brace and FormFit Wrist & Forearm.

PRICE: $14.99

Universal Thumb Splint Support Ossur Universal Thumb Splint Support

Comfortable Thumb Spica immobilizes the thumb joint and provides wrist support. Fits right or left thumb.

PRICE: $19.99
Bauerfeind RhizoLoc Wrist Brace Bauerfeind RhizoLoc Wrist Brace

The RhizoLoc thumb/wrist orthosis has an individually adaptable aluminum stay that will stabilize the thumb saddle and metacarpophalangeal joint.  This will allow for optimal healing of the affected collateral ligaments

PRICE: $79.95

ProCare Universal Thumb-O-Prene Splint DonJoy ProCare Universal Thumb-O-Prene Splint

The ProCare Thumb-O-Prene Splint is a neoprene splint with a combined thumb abduction insert and palmar stay. By supporting the thumb in abduction from the palmar surface, functional positioning and arrest of the thumb motion is obtained.

PRICE: $87.55
Breg Apollo Universal Wrist Brace with Thumb Spica Breg Apollo Universal Wrist Brace with Thumb Spica

The adjustable dual closure provides greater contour and an individual fit.

PRICE: $48.00
Breg Wrist Lacer Wrist Brace Breg Wrist Lacer Wrist Brace

The Wrist Lacer is constructed of durable, perforated suede and moisture wicking polypropylene felt. Its single-pull lace closure and adjustable thumb strap enhance ease of application and patient fit. The Wrist Lacer has a removable, malleable palmar stay that supports the wrist.

PRICE: $23.00
Breg Premier Thumb Splint with Stays Breg Premier Thumb Splint with Stays

The Premier Thumb Splint with Stays is a versatile thumb splint made of perforated Neoprene. It features pockets on the radial, palmar and dorsal sides of the thumb and contains a malleable aluminum stay, a spiral stay and a rigid stay. These can be mixed and matched for desired directional support. The brace has a wraparound design making for an easy one-hand application

PRICE: $43.50
Ossur FormFit Universal Wrist Ossur Formfit Universal Wrist

Formfit Universal Wrist and Thumb products are designed to restrict motion of the wrist and the thumb.

PRICE: $21.99
Breg Thumb Support Breg Thumb Support

The Breg Thumb Support is a lightweight, very low profile universal thumb support. It contains a malleable thumb support providing a unique fit.

PRICE: $32.50