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AlignMed S3 Spinal Q Brace AlignMed S3 Posture Shirt

The AlignMed S3 Posture Brace is designed to provide scapular retraction to improve postural alignment, enhance scapular function, and to relieve pain. The scapula brace is designed to improve posture, reduce pain and expedite recovery.

OUR PRICE: $340.00
Bauerfeind SacroLoc Back Support Bauerfeind SacroLoc Back Support

The SacroLoc back orthosis can provide anatomically correct support for sacroiliac joint syndrome (SI joint syndrome) and pain. The support stabilizes and minimizes pressure on the pelvis and symphysis, massaging the sacroiliac joints.

OUR PRICE: $199.95
Ossur Formfit Back Support Air Ossur Formfit Back Support Air

Ossur's Form Fit Back Support Air provides custom fit and compression in the lumbar area. It also features mesh panels, ventilation holes, and gripper strips which prevent migration of the band. It is great for lower back pain, degenerative spinal diseases, intervertebral disc weakness, and minor postural disorders.

OUR PRICE: $44.00
Hely Weber Lei Back Brace Hely Weber Lei Back Brace

The Kuhl Lei-Back Lumbosacral Brace from Hely & Weber provides low, focused lumbar support and can be worn under clothing.

OUR PRICE: $65.80
Hely Weber BackTrack Lumbosacral Brace Hely Weber BackTrack Lumbosacral Brace

The Hely Weber Backtrack Lumbosacral Brace is a quality constructed back support made of designed with cool mesh with heavy elastic panels to provide effective lumbar sacral stabilization and adjustable compression.

OUR PRICE: $38.89
Hely Weber Two-Pull Lastic Lumbar Support Hely Weber Two-Pull Lastic Lumbar Support

The Hely Weber Lastic Lumbar Back Support is designed to support the entire lumbar region while providing effective support through two elastic side pulls that wrap around the sides of the back support brace. With four bone stays to prevent rolling down from the top, this model  provides lower back support for the spine with everyday activities.

OUR PRICE: $40.45
DonJoy Lumbosacral Support DonJoy Lumbosacral Support

The DonJoy Neoprene Lumbosacral Back Support is ideal for lumbar support, mild to moderate low back pain. The DonJoy Neoprene Lumbosacral support is a semi-rigid low back support with 4-heat formable thermoplastic stays for individual custom fit.

OUR PRICE: $86.50
DonJoy TLSO Back Brace Orthosis DonJoy TLSO Back Brace Orthosis

The BOA TLSO design creates a 3-point force system, consisting of a posteriorly directed force from the sternal and pubic pads, and an anteriorly directed force from the thoracolumbar pad. The pressure created restricts forward flexion and encourages a hyperextension posture. This posture increases lumbar lordosis and resists lateral and rotary movements of the spine.

OUR PRICE: $469.95
Hely Weber Lastic Lumbar Back Brace Hely Weber Lastic Lumbar Back Brace

The Hely & Weber Hayes 'Lastic Lumbar Support For Insert is manufactured of heavy elastic material with an Elastic Pocket to accommodate a thermoplastic insert.

OUR PRICE: $48.52
Breg Back Support w/ Pulls Breg Back Support With Side Pulls

This back support from Breg is crafted from durable elastic and a molded lumbar pad. Provides superior support and ultimate comfort. Includes side pulls for highest level of adjustability

OUR PRICE: $62.99
breg basic lumbar support Breg Basic Lumbar Support

Breg designed this back brace to be moderately supportive and compressive. Side pulls are included to adjust tightness, and a rigid foam pad is included for lumbar support.

OUR PRICE: $63.99
Bauerfeind LumboLoc Back Support Bauerfeind LumboLoc Back Support

LumboLoc is for lumbar spine pain (lumbar vertebral syndrome) or moderate muscle weakness.  The LumboLoc aligns the lumbar and relieves the intervertebral discs.

OUR PRICE: $145.95
Bauerfeind LordoLoc Back Support Bauerfeind LordoLoc Back Support

The LordoLoc is for back support and stabilization of the lumbar spine and also in the event of chronic lumbar vertebral syndrome.  The support is extremely low-profile and lightweight, but not at the cost of stability.

OUR PRICE: $145.95
Breg IntelliFlo Back Pad Breg IntelliFlo Back Pad

The revolutionary Breg IntelliFlo pads offer great temperature regulation specifically tailored for each treatment area - allowing consistent reliable cold delivery

OUR PRICE: $106.00
FLA Women's Lumbar Sacral Support FLA Women's Lumbar Sacral Support

FLA Women's Lumbar Sacral Support is indicated for  muscle strain, lower back pain and  discomfort, lumbar instability, or sacral  contusion.

OUR PRICE: $58.46
FLA Posture Control Shoulder Brace FLA Posture Control Shoulder Brace

The FLA Posture Control Shoulder Brace is designed to correct poor posture by gently pulling the shoulders back and holding them in the proper position. This posture control shoulder brace is designed to gently keep the shoulders back for proper posture control. Designed for both men and women.

OUR PRICE: $29.99
ProCare ComfortFORM Women's Back Support ProCare ComfortFORM Women's Back Support

ProCare ComfortFORM Back Support has overlapping double pull straps that help support the lumbar and abdominal area to promote proper spinal alignment.

OUR PRICE: $32.99
FLA Therall Penetrating Moist Heat Pad FLA Therall Penetrating Moist Heat Pad

The FLA Therall Moist Heat Pad provides therapeutic, moist heat for soothing warmth and pain relief to any part of the body.

OUR PRICE: $29.99
Medi-Dyne CoreStretch Medi-Dyne CoreStretch

The CoreStretchTM will help you stretch you way into lower back pain relief!  The CoreStretch was originally developed for Physical Therapists to help patients achieve the safest lower back stretch by using the bodies natural traction.  Now the CoreStretch is available for your personal use at home!

OUR PRICE: $74.99
Bauerfeind LumboTrain and LumboLady Bauerfeind LumboTrain and LumboLady

Lumbago & Sacroiliac joint dysfunction (SIJD) are two of the names known for lower back pain. The Bauerfeind LumboTrain active supports can help eliminate this pain.

OUR PRICE: $174.95
Ossur FormFit Pro Back Brace Ossur FormFit Pro Back Brace

Ossur Formfit Pro Back provides relief for patients suffering from pains and strains in the lower back. Manufactured with our dynamic, 3D-Motion Tech knitting technology, our belts feature superior moisture wicking capabilities and are highly breathable. The patented back panel design utilizes our stayBilizer technology to provide optimum shape and fit, while conveniently placed finger loops make donning easy. The SmartPad provides a targeted support and cushioning and can be removed if desired.

OUR PRICE: $124.95
Ossur OAM Rigid Lumbar Ossur OAM Rigid Lumbar

From the makers of the Miami Lumbar, the OAM Rigid Lumbar offers you a discrete look with endless options.

OUR PRICE: $79.99
Ossur OAM Rigid Lumbar - Anterior Panels Ossur OAM Rigid Lumbar - Anterior Panels

Anterior Panels for OAM Rigid Lumbar

OUR PRICE: $34.99
Ossur OAM Rigid Lumbar Ossur OAM Rigid Lumbar - Posterior Panels

Posterior Panels for Ossur OAM Rigid Lumbar.

OUR PRICE: $74.99
Breg Polar Pad - Back Breg Polar Pad - Back

Available in a variety of styles to accommodate all major areas of the body, Bregs Polar Pads are highly durable.

OUR PRICE: $79.50
Ossur Miami Lumbar Posteo Ossur Miami Lumbar Posteo

Carefully designed with patient comfort and compliance in mind, the Miami Lumbar Posteo provides functional and comfortable relief of vertebral fracture pain, facilitating a return to mobility.

OUR PRICE: $249.99
The Sacroiliac joints are formed by a few different parts, including the sacrum and iliac bones (together the left and right iliac bones help form the pelvis). These joints are tucked away deep inside the pelvis and are held in place by strong ligaments. These joints support the entire weight of the upper body, and any kind of dysfunction in them typically leads to a terrible pain. Often times this dysfunction is a result of a degenerative disease like osteoarthritis.

One way to help prevent the pain caused by bones and ligaments from rubbing together in the sacroiliac joints is to wear a sturdy back brace. The right back brace will help support some of the weight that was originally transferred to the sacroiliac joint, in turn decreasing pain and discomfort.