Dislocated Knees


      A dislocated knee occurs when the patella (kneecap) slides out of place. This can be for many reasons, including a sudden stress or trauma to the patella. Symptoms include pain, swelling, the inability to straighten your knee, and a general deformed look to the knee itself.

      It's important to stabilize the knee and leg if your knee has slipped out. Once you have managed to put it back into place either by yourself (in minor cases) or with the help of a doctor (surgical cases), check out our immobilizers and knee braces below to help stabilize your leg while the tissue around the kneecap heals.

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      Ossur Formfit Knee Hinged Lateral J
      Ossur Sleeve with Mesh
      Ossur Padded Sports Oversleeve
      Ossur AMS Anti-Migration System Wrap for CTi OTS
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      Ossur Sports Knee Brace Bag