Fractured Knees


      A fractured patella (kneecap) is difficult to stabilize. Coming out of surgery people are often placed into casts so that reinjury doesn't occur while the knee is healing. Though a cast is an excellent way to immobilize the knee, it is often restrictive and uncomfortable.

      Many knee braces have been designed to give that same immobilization without the discomfort of a full leg cast. Whether you've broken your kneecap and had some kind of surgery to help repair it, or you need to stabilize your knee for another reason, Shop-Orthopedics has many different options for you.

      Ossur Cold Rush Knee Pad
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      Ossur Padded Sports Oversleeve
      Ossur Sleeve with Mesh
      Ossur CTi Mission Impact Guard Set
      Ossur Sports Knee Brace Bag
      Ossur AMS Anti-Migration System Wrap for CTi OTS
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      Ossur Rebound Post-Op Knee
      Ossur CTi Mission Replacement Cuff Set