Heel Inserts

      Heel Inserts Soften Each Step, Helping You Alleviate Heel Pain.
      Our selection of heel inserts will cup and pad the heel to prevent heel pain that you might get from flat shoes or long periods of time on your feet. We have many different kinds of heel inserts for you to choose from, some are adjustable, some have special foams or gels to prevent excess shock in the heel, and they're all designed to reduce pain to get you back out walking, running, or to wherever else you may need to be.

      If you suffer from a condition that causes you sharp heel pain, consider one of our fine heel inserts to help lessen the impact of every step. Shop-Orthopedics has many of the heel inserts below in stock and ready to ship the same day. Plus, you'll get free shipping if your order is over $48!
      Ossur Rebound Air Walker Achilles Wedge Kit