Herniated Disc Neck & Head Injuries


      Herniated discs in the neck are a common and painful condition that can be caused through trauma to the neck, or spontaneously over time. Often times, a herniated disc will be accompanied with excruciating pain, numbness, tingling, and other discomforting symptoms that can be difficult to find relief from. The symptoms you feel are often due to damaged or disturbed nerves in the neck area. Many people will turn to surgery and painkillers to help alleviate their neck pain, but another option is a supportive neck brace. Shop-Orthopedics has compiled a list of neck braces below that may help relieve pressure on the neck; this reduces pain associated with a herniated disc, and may even help your neck heal. In addition, these braces will stabilize and decompress the vertebrae, making it less painful to return to normal activity.

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      Ossur Miami J Cervical Collar
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      Aspen Vista® Cervical Collar - Optimal Neck Support and Comfort
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