Low-Top Walkers

      Better Mobility, Less Stabilization
      These low top walkers provide the ultimate amount of movement and stability, at the cost of complete immobilization. These walking boots focus on keeping the ankle completely still, while allowing for some movement in the calves and upper parts of your lower leg. This type of walking brace is ideal for someone who is experiencing an injury in the foot or ankle, and needs more stabilization than a wrap, but not complete immobilization like with a Hi-Top walking boot.

      A low top walker will be great for someone with a sprained ankle, minor stress fractures in the foot, and small surgeries in the ankle and foot. If you have had an ACL surgery or similar operation, and need maximum stability in the lower leg, then check out our high top walkers.
      ossur rebound air walker
      ossur ankle boot
      Ossur Rebound Air Walker
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      Ossur Formfit Air Walker
      Ossur Rebound Air Walker Replacement Softgoods
      Ossur walking boot
      Ossur Formfit Walker
      Ossur Formfit Walker - Replacement Softgoods
      Ossur Rebound Air Walker Achilles Wedge Kit
      Ossur Airform Night Splint
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      Ossur Formfit Air Walker - Replacement Softgoods
      Ossur Rebound Air Walker Durable Weather Cover