Nerve Injuries (Burners/Stingers)


      Help Treat Burners and Stingers With These Neck Braces
      Nerve injuries in the neck are commonly referred to as 'burners' or 'stingers' as this is how the pain associated with them is often described. These sorts of nerve injuries are frequently seen in athletes who play contact sports - especially football. When the nerves in the neck are damaged, a strong burning or stinging sensation is typically felt down either the left or right arm/hand. Usually this subsides fairly quickly, but in more severe cases it may persist for a couple of weeks.

      These braces were selected based on their ability to stabilize and support the neck, which helps the nerves running from the spinal column to heal. If you frequently suffer from burners and stingers, it's important to go get checked out by a doctor, as that could be a sign of more serious spinal issues.