Post-Op Shoes


      Recovering from a foot injury is difficult enough without the added inconvenience of having trouble getting around. Shop-Orthopedics carries post-operation shoes to aid in your recovery from a variety of injuries and operations, including plantar fasciitis, ankle injuries, and diabetic foot ulcers. Made from quality materials and with solid construction, these post-surgery shoes allow you to get around during recovery. For added support, protection, and function, walking cast boots are perfect for recovery from forefoot and midfoot sprains, foot fractures, and post-op ankle surgeries. These walking boots also feature range of motion adjustments for comfort and to aid in the ambulation phase. Shop-Orthopedics is the affordable source for post-op shoes to offer you or your patients protection after surgery.

      Ossur Canvas Rocker Bottom Cast Shoes
      Ossur Breathable Mesh Top Post-Op Shoe
      Ossur Evenup Shoelift
      Ossur Soft Cotton Top Post-Op Shoe
      Ossur Square Toe Post Op Shoes