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Breg Thumb Support Breg Thumb Support

The Breg Thumb Support is a lightweight, very low profile universal thumb support. It contains a malleable thumb support providing a unique fit.

OUR PRICE: $32.50

Finger Splints: Protectors, Frog Splints and Buddy Loops

A strained or broken finger can be a nagging injury that requires different levels of support to heal properly and effectively. Shop-Orthopedics carries a range of solutions for finger injuries and ailments including simple protective braces such as the Hely & Weber TKO. The TKO is designed for ligament injuries, boxer’s fracture, and other ailments of the metacarpals and proximal phalanges.

Finger Splints for Mallet Finger

A common injury among athletes is mallet finger, which often occurs when a finger is jammed to the point it can’t be outstretched properly. The Hely & Weber Mallet Finger Splint is a designed to keep the finger straight during recover from mallet finger by controlling the DIP joint of the finger. Browse our store today to find the finger splint you need.