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Ossur Soft Cotton Top Post-Op Shoe Ossur Soft Cotton Top Post-Op Shoe

The cotton-poly blend upper allows the patients foot to breathe and provides added comfort.

OUR PRICE: $17.99
Tuli's Classic Heel Cup - One Pair Tuli's Classic Heel Cup - One Pair

Chronic heel pain can be tough to remedy, but Tuli makes it a little easier with these comfortable, shock-absorbing heel cups.

OUR PRICE: $19.99
Cambion Heel Spur Pads - Pair Cambion Heel Spur Pads - Pair

The Cambion Heel Spur Pads provide additional relief from plantar fasciitis.

OUR PRICE: $19.99
Soft Moves for Heel Soft Moves for Heel

No matter what shoes you put on your feet Soft Moves Adhesive Gel Pads will make them more comfortable.

OUR PRICE: $19.99
Breathable Mesh Top Post-Op Shoe Ossur Breathable Mesh Top Post-Op Shoe

Breathable mesh upper with reinforced heel counter and padded heel collar, more stability overall to the rear of the foot while reducing slippage.

OUR PRICE: $21.99
Tuli's Heavy Duty Heel Cup - One Pair Tuli's Heavy Duty Heel Cup - One Pair

Tuli's heavy duty heel cups have a special double ribbed design that works to absorb the impact of every step, relieving heel and joint pain.

OUR PRICE: $22.99
DH Offloading Shoe Insole Ossur DH Offloading Shoe Insole

Replacement Insoles for the Ossur DH Offloading Post-Op Shoe. Post-Op Shoe not included. Sizing based on original boot size. Sold as a pair of 2.

OUR PRICE: $23.99
Adjust-a-Heel Lift Adjust-a-Heel Lift

Adjust-a-heel lifts are great for aligning uneven legs and helping reduce heel pain due to plantar fasciitis, bone spurs, and more.

OUR PRICE: $24.99
Breg Adjustable Heel Lifts Breg Adjustable Heel Lifts

The Adjustable Heel Lifts allow you to add up to 3 / 8 inches of lift, or peel away one or two layers to create a 1/4 or 1/8 lift. Resilient rubber layers maintain their corrective lift while still helping to absorb shock at heel strike.

OUR PRICE: $25.00
Ossur Square Toe Post Op Shoes Ossur Square Toe Post Op Shoes

Increases protection as square acts as bumper. Reduces pressure on plantar surface resulting in increased comfort and compliance. Eliminates buckle pressure on the forefoot and can expand to accommodate dressing up to 17" (43cm) in circumference.

OUR PRICE: $26.99
Cambion Posted Heel Cushions - Pair Cambion Posted Heel Cushions - Pair

The Cambion Posted Heel Cushions provide support and cushioning for the heel, with 4 degree posting to correct pronation.

OUR PRICE: $29.99
Heelbo Elbow and Heel Protector Heelbo Elbow and Heel Protector

The heelbo heel and elbow protector is perfect for people that need mild heel or elbow protection due to bone spurs, bony protrusions, or general heel/elbow pain.

OUR PRICE: $29.99
Medi-Dyne Tuli's Cheeta Universal Medi-Dyne Tuli's Cheeta Universal

Gymnasts and dancers of all levels have come to love Tulis Cheetahs ankle and heel supports because of the dynamic combination of shock absorbing technology. Tulis Cheetahs provide a barefoot feeling, protection and comfort ideal for gymnasts and dancers wanting to protect their ankles and get heel support from repeated pounding, landing and abuse.

OUR PRICE: $29.99
Ossur Airform Night Splint Ossur Airform Night Splint

The Airform Night Splint provides an effective treatment for plantar fascia, Achilles tendonitis, drop foot and post-static pain and its lightweight, low profile design makes it more comfortable.

OUR PRICE: $34.99
Airform Pre-Inflated Stirrup Ankle Brace Ossur Airform Inflated Stirrup Ankle Brace

One of a kind low profile pneumatic design dramatically increases stability without the rolling and swaying experienced in other stirrups. Provides a continuous smooth interface with the limb.

OUR PRICE: $37.83
AirCast Airheel Arch & Heel Support AirCast Airheel Arch & Heel Support

The AirCast Airheel is the optimal choice for plantar fasciitis and achiles tendonitis and other Achilles injuries. By applying pulsating compression with every step which reduces swelling and enhances circulation.

OUR PRICE: $39.99
Thermoskin Plantar FXT Stretcher Thermoskin Plantar FXT Stretcher

The thermoskin plantar FXT stretcher is smaller than traditional plantar-stretching night splints, but works just as well to stretch the tendons out while you sleep.

OUR PRICE: $41.98
Theraband First Step to Foot Relief Theraband First Step to Foot Relief

The TheraBand First Step to Foot Relief is an at-home treatment solution for heel pain, combines stretching, massage and cold therapy to effectively help rehabilitate feet.

OUR PRICE: $44.99
Alignmed Full-Range Insoles Alignmed Full-Range Insoles

An innovative solution that will revitalize your feet with every step you take. The structure of our Full-Range Insoles is engineered to promote circulation to the feet and toes by immediately absorbing impact and instantly redirecting that energy, getting you support and leverage when you need them most to maximize endurance, agility, and comfort.

OUR PRICE: $49.00
Ossur Exoform Dorsal Night Splint Ossur Exoform Dorsal Night Splint

The Exoform Dorsal Night Splint is a functional and comfortable solution that addresses the common problems associated with other bracing options, including lack of adjustability, uncomfortable or painful pressure points and product migration and rotation that diminish product effectiveness and compliance.

OUR PRICE: $49.99
DH Offloading Post-Op Style Shoe Ossur DH Offloading Post-Op Style Shoe

The DH Offloading Shoe was designed for use in the treatment of plantar wounds. It can be an excellent alternative to the post op style shoes with static pads (wool, felt, foam, etc.). It accommodates the ambulatory and compliant patient for short-term treatment (1 to 4 months). This product provides a proven safe environment for the simultaneous use of wound care material.

OUR PRICE: $49.99
Breg PFS Plantar Fasciitis Strap Breg PFS Plantar Fasciitis Strap

The Breg PFS provides constant elastic tension and pressure which alleviates pain due to inflammation from plantar fasciitis. The PFS reduces pain, which allows the muscles to strengthen in the foot, arch, and lower leg.

OUR PRICE: $50.00
AirCast AirLift PTTD Ankle Brace AirCast AirLift PTTD Ankle Brace

The AirCast AirLift PTTD Brace is designed for posterior tibial tendon dysfunction, or the early signs of adult acquired flat foot. This can be used in the conservative treatment to stabilize the condition and help prevent it from getting worse.

OUR PRICE: $52.99
DonJoy Arch Rival Foot Orthotics DonJoy Arch Rival Foot Orthotics

Patented, prefabricated orthotic design to treat subtle cavus foot. The Arch Rival promotes natural foot function by improving stability, adding shock absorption and alleviating pain.

OUR PRICE: $54.99
Bauerfeind Viscospot Heel Cushion - Pair of Two Bauerfeind Viscospot Heel Cushion - Pair of Two

Viscospot heel cushions will lessen the blow of every step with their special gel inners. This means less pain and fatigue when you're out and on your feet.

OUR PRICE: $56.95
Ovation Medical Motion - Pro Ankle Brace Ovation Medical Motion - Pro Ankle Brace

Great for high activities, the Motion - Pro Ankle stirrup prevents inversion/eversion, while allowing unrestricted sagittal ankle instabilities.

OUR PRICE: $58.99
Ovation Medical Hybrid Night Splint Ovation Medical Hybrid Night Splint

Ideal for plantar fascitis, Achilles tendonitis, drop foot or post static pain, this Hybrid Night Splint holds the foot in place securely to provide superior comfort and unparalleled function.

OUR PRICE: $59.95
Ossur Formfit Night Splint Ossur FormFit Night Splint

The Ossur Formfit Night Splint is the ideal device for Plantar Fasciitis (heel spur syndrome) and Achilles Tendonitis.

OUR PRICE: $59.99
Breg Achilles Wedges Breg Achilles Wedges

Bregs Achilles Wedge is designed to comfortably place the foot in plantar flexion to offload the Achilles tendon during rehab.

OUR PRICE: $62.00
DonJoy MaxTrax Pediatric Walker DonJoy MaxTrax Pediatric Walker

MaxTrax Pediatric Walkers are intended to increase stability following trauma or post-operative procedures including: acute ankle sprains, stress fractures of the lower leg, soft tissue injuries (grade 2 and 3 sprains), stable fractures and injuries of the foot and ankle, bunionectomies, metatarsal fractures, Achilles tendon repair.

OUR PRICE: $74.99
Braces for Plantar Fasciitis and Bone Spurs
Bone spurs in the heels are quite painful. Often times, the bone spur disrupts tissue in the foot, and the body's natural way of fixing that is with inflammation. The inflammation surrounding the tendons in the foot becomes painful, and this in turn is a major cause of plantar fasciitis.

Plantar fasciitis pain can be partially combated with warm compresses and cold therapy braces - these work to decrease swelling in the tendon and alleviate pain. Shop-Orthopedics has a listing of such braces below, most will ship the same day with free shipping!