Ossur AFO Leaf Spring Orthosis
Ossur AFO Leaf Spring Orthosis
Ossur AFO Leaf Spring Orthosis

Ossur AFO Leaf Spring Orthosis


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Prevent drop foot
Prevent falling
Stabilize gait
Reduce foot contractures
Improve ambulation
Improve quality of life

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The Ossur AFO Leaf Spring is a prefabricated polypropylene ankle foot orthosis designed to support flaccid drop foot. It provides a semi-rigid section for toe clearance and support, yet it has a thin flexible foot plate for easy trimming. The absence of a heel section makes the OSSUR AFO Leaf Spring more comfortable to wear and provides a better fit in shoes. Strap was recently updated to the color black.

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  • Drop foot secondary to CVA
  • Mild drop foot secondary to other neurological pathologies
  • Severe ankle - foot deformities
  • Severe spasticity
  • Fluctuation edema


  • SUPPORTIVE BRACE FOR MILD DROP FOOT - Ossur's AFO Leaf Spring is a lightweight but strong ankle-foot orthosis designed to support mild drop foot. The semi-rigid section reduces foot contractures, and provides toe clearance for a balanced & stabilized gait.
  • SUITABLE TO BE WORN WITH MOST SHOE TYPES - The well-designed semi-rigid section for toe clearance provides effective dorsiflexion and support during ambulation, while the absence of a heel section offers comfort and ensures a better fit in shoes.
  • FLEXIBLE SOLE FOR CUSTOM FIT - The flexible footplate goes inside the shoe replacing the insoles - it can be trimmed with a pair of scissions and shaped by grinding off the excess material for a personalized fit.
  • STRONG DESIGN - Made from flexible prefabricated, injection molded polypropylene, this well-constructed and durable AFO leaf spring is designed with variable thickness throughout the brace that provides maximum strength & comfort needed for a natural walk.
  • IMPORTANT SPECIFICATIONS - AFO Leaf Spring is only meant for mild drop foot secondary to neurological conditions. It is not to be used in case of severe ankle-foot deformities, medial-lateral instability, severe spasticity, or long term bracing needs.