Ossur Formfit Knee Hinged Lateral J
Ossur Formfit Knee Hinged Lateral J
Ossur Formfit Knee Hinged Lateral J
Ossur Formfit Knee Hinged Lateral J
Ossur Formfit Knee Hinged Lateral J
Ossur Formfit Knee Hinged Lateral J

Ossur Formfit Knee Hinged Lateral J


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The Formfit Knee Hinged Lateral J is designed to provide realignment of the patella. It offers support, stability and protection for users benefitting from realignment of the patella and/or added lateral support of the patella.

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  • Lateral patellar subluxation and dislocations.
  • Lateral patellofemoral malalignment.
  • Patellofemoral maltracking and pain.
  • Chondromalacia due to lateral maltracking.


  • KNEE BRACE FOR LATERAL STABILITY - Ossur Formfit Hinged Lateral J Sleeve is designed to provide lateral (outside of knee) support and may benefit patients requiring patella realignment in subluxations, dislocations and patellofemoral malalignment.
  • UNIQUE LATERAL J BUTTRESS - The J-Shaped Buttress (sewn-in) helps provide additional support to the patella by stabilizing and realigning the kneecap. It reduces discomfort by holding the knee in place, preventing it from shifting in patellar tracking.
  • SPECIAL HINGES FOR A CUSTOM FIT - Designed to be extremely durable, this lightweight and superior quality sleeve includes removable malleable hinges that help provide external stabilization of the knee joint and can be shaped as per the desired fit.
  • PERFECT FOR DAILY WEAR - This knee orthosis brace features an open popliteal area that reduces material bulging & potential irritation. The brace comes in an easy pull-on sleeve design that is convenient to wear and comfortable for everyday use.
  • BREATHABLE FABRIC - The soft, stretchy lycra fabric enhances comfort & continued wear by allowing any trapped heat or moisture to escape through the brace. It also maintains grip, reduces slippage, & keeps the brace in place during day-to-day activities.

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Ossur Formfit Knee Hinged Lateral J


  • Lateral patellar subluxation and dislocations
  • Lateral patellofemoral malalignment
  • Patellofemoral maltracking and pain
  • Chondromalacia due to lateral maltracking


  • Designed for lateral stability
  • Unique lateral J buttress for additional patellar support
  • Special hinges for custom fit
  • Open popliteal area for reduced material bulging
  • Breathable fabric for comfort


Ossur Formfit Knee Hinged Lateral J

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