Ossur Patella Kit for CTi Knee Brace
Ossur Patella Kit for CTi Knee Brace

Ossur Patella Kit for CTi Knee Brace


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CTI brace can be ordered with a patella cup, a protective cup that keeps the patella safe. User feedback has led us to develop an improved patella cup, that fits in perfectly with the recent improvements of the CTi brace. This new patella cup can be fitted on both new and old CTi braces, in custom and OTS versions. Not compatible with CTi Mission. New and improved version.

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  • Protect patella while riding from dirt and debrees.


  • Self-tracking design to stay positioned in front of the knee.
  • Thigh and patella shell to increase the thigh coverage.
  • Simple 5 point attachment system which fits both the CTi OTS and CTi Custom.
  • Additional foam pad for improved cushioning.
  • Nylon laminate on patella cup and gear guards for increased durability and wear resistance.
  • Matte black finish which matches the aesthetics of the new CTi.
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Ossur Patella Kit for CTi Knee Brace


  • Protect patella from dirt and debris while riding


  • Self-tracking design for optimal positioning
  • Thigh and patella shell for increased coverage
  • Simple 5-point attachment system compatible with CTi OTS and CTi Custom
  • Additional foam pad for enhanced cushioning
  • Nylon laminate for durability and wear resistance
  • Matte black finish for sleek aesthetics
Ossur Patella Kit for CTi Knee Brace

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