Spinomed V Osteoporosis Spinal Orthosis
Spinomed V Osteoporosis Spinal Orthosis

Spinomed V Osteoporosis Spinal Orthosis


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Spinomed Spinal Orthosis: An innovative solution for addressing spinal curvature issues and enhancing mobility and comfort.

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The Spinomed Spinal Orthosis is an evidence-based solution designed to improve core muscle strength, reduce kyphosis, alleviate pain, and enhance daily life for individuals suffering from osteoporosis or hyperkyphosis impacting the spine. Crafted with a unique aluminum posterior panel, this orthosis is cold-formable to precisely match the patient's spinal curves, offering tailored support that can be adjusted as the patient's condition progresses.


  • Osteoporosis or hyperkyphosis affecting the spine
  • Weak core muscles
  • Chronic back pain


  • Unique aluminum posterior panel for customizable support
  • Cold-formable design conforms to the patient's spinal curvature
  • Adjustable for evolving patient needs
  • Innovative pivot joint ensures comfort and prevents migration
  • Easy-to-fit and comfortable shoulder straps
  • Moldable posterior panel provides additional stabilization
  • Pelvic straps with pivot joint for enhanced wearing comfort
  • Clinically proven to reduce back pain by 38%
  • Activates back muscles for long-term osteoporosis management
  • Backpack-style design facilitates easy application and removal

Additional Accessories:

  • Spinomed Anterior Panel (Sold Separately): Removable anterior panel for added stability in patients with weak core muscles

Package Contents:

  • 1 Spinomed Spinal Orthosis
  • Instruction Manual

Improve your spinal health and enhance your quality of life with the Spinomed Spinal Orthosis.