Neck & Head Injuries


      Neck injuries are often very serious and may require complicated bracing solutions to keep the spinal column in place while it heals. Even minor neck injuries like sprains and strains require special equipment, because the neck is such a complex structure of vertebrae. We have compiled a list of our most common neck braces below, these will stabilize and support the neck so that it can heal better and faster.

      Ossur Miami J Select Replacement Pads
      Miami J Collar Pads
      J Pads
      Ossur Miami J Collar Replacement Pads
      c spine collar
      Ossur Miami J Cervical Collar
      from $64.99
      aspen cervical collar
      aspin cervical collar
      Aspen Vista® Cervical Collar - Optimal Neck Support and Comfort
      Ossur Foam Cervical Collar